It's probably a pretty safe bet to say that you have a desire to succeed in a home based business of your own. After all, there's a good reason why you're reading these words, right? It could be that you've already found your work from home business opportunity and now it's time for you to take action and turn that opportunity into a legitimate and profitable business.

Are you feeling a little bit frustrated though? Perhaps your desire for success is not the issue but rather knowing what to do in order to achieve success in your home business is the problem. Well, rest assured that, at this point, if you have only the desire to succeed but nothing else, congratulations, you're already well on your way to success in your home based business. There is still a fair amount of work which needs to be done but your desire does have you pointed in the right direction.

With a desire to succeed in business being your most important quality, the second most important quality you can possess is a willingness to fail. Failing or stinking at something is always the prerequisite to succeeding at it. As long as you're willing to get into the game, roll up your sleeves and make the necessary mistakes then your eventual success can become a reality.

To help you along in your journey to a successful home based business - or any type of business for that matter - there is an evolutionary rite of passage which all successful entrepreneurs must go through.

Understand that as long as you're willing to progress through the following four steps then you will see exactly how your own home based business development will unfold.

Step 1
Unconscious Incompetence - this is when you stink at something and you don't even know that you stink. This is where all business professionals begin. You can read all the books on business ever printed but you are never an entrepreneur until you begin the business building process for yourself. And when you do begin the process, be willing to make your mistakes. Expect to make many mistakes and be easy on yourself when you do. Nobody was born an expert at anything. Hang in and resist the temptation to throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble.

Step 2
Conscious Incompetence - this is when you still stink but at least you now know that you stink. Or, more importantly, you now know what it is you stink at. Once you begin to realize where your business building skills are deficient you can take the steps necessary to improve those skills. Maybe you have a natural gift for speaking with people but are not very adept at marketing or time management. Recognizing your shortcomings is the necessary first step to fixing those shortcomings.

Step 3
Conscious Competence - this is when you're getting good at business and you can feel and see yourself improving in the areas where you needed help. This is when you go through your business day recalling and applying the business building techniques and strategies you've been studying. Business success is coming easier for you as you can now efficiently apply the things you've been learning. The most important part of this step is the increase you'll experience in your self confidence. The higher the confidence you have in your abilities the easier your business building becomes.

Step 4
Unconscious Competence - this is it, when you've arrived at this step you've reached the entrepreneurial summit. This is when business success flows effortlessly. In this phase of being an entrepreneur your business building becomes second nature. You'll seem to always say the right things at the right time, you'll make the right decisions and success will just seem to flow naturally. Even when you reach this step it is still probable that you'll make an occasional mistake. But, because of the knowledge and experience gained, the mistakes made will most likely have a far less negative impact.

So let's now consolidate these 4 crucial steps: Do you want to become a great home based entrepreneur? You first have to work at becoming a good one. Do you want to become a good one? You first need a willingness to be a mediocre one. And in order to be a mediocre entrepreneur you need to jump into the game as a lousy one.

There are no shortcuts to success. Many a home business failure is the result of a well intentioned person searching for and taking shortcuts. However, and this is the reason why so many people fail in business, there are no shortcuts to success.

Do you desire long lasting success? It all starts with gaining knowledge. Applied knowledge becomes experience and experience eventually becomes success.

There is no better way to gain knowledge then through reading good, quality books. All it can take is just one good book on the topic of success to get your wheels in motion.

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