As humans we engage in social behavior that can have profound negative effects for our spiritual progress. The Ascended Masters tell us that our spiritual progress depends on developing positive habits. Constructive habits prevent us from creating karma and obstacles to our englightenment.

The Five Human Habits that create karma and obstacles are; condemnation, criticism, judgement, blame and gossip. If you examine your social responses and reactions you will see that a great deal of our relationship dialogues are governed by one or more of these basic five habits.

If we are to awaken the fullness of our spiritual nature we need to transform these five habits into compassion, supportive understanding, acceptance, being more responsible for our own feelings and actions and speaking constructively to people rather than talking about them behind their back. In essence seeing the best in the person or situation rather than the worst. In psychology this is called reframing.

When we transform The Five Human Habits into a higher vibrational response we awaken the dimensions of the spiritual/divine being within us and unfold our potential for living fully at a higher level.

The challenge is ours to embrace and the road requires consciousness and love in great measure. May your steps be firm and your results transformational. Embrace your spiritual and divine potential.

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