"Sickness and health are not simply physical states that the methods of science will eventually analyse completely and make understandable. They are rooted in the deepest and most mysterious strata of Being." Andrew Weil

It's really quite amusing that in our society we are so interested, and identified with illness. We have millions of names for all kinds of symptoms and conditions, organisations spanning the globe set up to study, support and report on disease, and we're quick to compare wounds and draw comparisons on our experiences. (swine flue)

However imagine for just a minute, the impact of a global society entirely focused on well-being. WOW! Can you imagine such a world? What would happen if we shifted all the energy, attention and focus that is currently trained to the study of disease...to the study of well-being...how different would our societies be?

1. Empowered?
2. Healthy?
3. Wealthy?
4. Unified?

"Taoists do not study disease; they study life and health and how to maintain them." Stephen J Chang

Ancient cultures have always practiced in the holistic well-being model - treating the person, not the illness, considering emotional and mental factors as well as the physical.

Having recovered from cancer six years ago, (and many other 'ailments' since), using this model - without pharmaceauticals and other mainstream medical technologies - I totally 'get' this approach, as I have discovered in life that whatever you focus on you get more of. (that's everything!) Look around, those who focus most on illness - have illness, those who focus on loving life and all the good stuff - have that. When the later do get ill, they seem to bounce back in record time, whilst others encounter multiple factors and long recovery periods.

Well-being comes from a sense of internal peace. You cannot have well-being and be identified with illness. The two are at opposite ends. Well-being exists when we rise to life's challenges and surrender the stress - finding ways to surrender to 'what is', losing resistance. Illness exists where there is resistance and 'fear', for whatever reason - to what is - reality.

Four years ago I decided, when a friend introduced me as a 'breast cancer survivor', to let go of that identity, and become wholly 'me' again; resplendant in vibrantly good health. Illness is a tough one to keep up with ;-) As I made that commitment I felt instantly as though a physical burden had been removed from my shoulders, a sense of relief. After a while, my persistent ailments vanished, without effort, simply by shifting focus to what 'is' rather than what 'should' be.

Whenever I observe illness in my body now, I know that I need to surrender the belief - the 'story' and find a way to feel better, to be 'at ease', and let life flow. I LOVE Abraham's analagy for disease; 'dis-ease; 'dis' (upstream) 'ease' (downstream). SIMPLE!

Well-being is downstream. Feel the difference? The way forward?

1. Stop thinking about poor health
2. Stop talking about poor health
3. Stop expecting poor health
4. Stop accepting poor health as your natural state

A B C...IT'S EASY AS... (forgive my cheesy-ness, ehehehe)

ACCEPT well-being as your natural state
BEGIN to live FULLY today - do not delay!
COMMIT to finding thoughts that feel better

DWELL in the possibilities of OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD HEALTH!

If you're having trouble accepting how psychology effects physiology, and visa-versa, explore 'placebo'. It is proven time and again with drug trials, so why not consider the possibility that you have a choice in positively effecting your well-being - from the inside out, next time you're ill? BE the change...

We know that certain mental/emotional factors effect our bodies via the deliciousness of such sensations as 'goosebumps/gooseflesh' and butterflies - oh and that certain male response (ahem), so quit pretending that we have no control over our bodies. ;-)

Joseph Campbell said "You've got to find the force inside you."

That force is THE 'FEEL-GOOD FACTOR'! It's yours now and forever, FREE, 100% accessible 24/7, limitless, symptom-free, available anywhere/anytime, for everyone who chooses. It's also extremely contagious and can be FUN! The only health proponent on the market that is all this and more.

Try it! Channel your emotions, use you intellect and will-power to guide your thoughts to better places. Think thoughts that FEEL better. Choose well-being by making it your prime focus - expect it! It's only natural :-)

Author's Bio: 

In my opinion, the three pillars of a healthy, rewarding and abundant life are; Creativity, freedom and joy. Namely, to fully express your individuality and uniqueness in every part of your life, enjoy and own all choices that you make, have fun and laugh often. These are important components of my life, and I operate my business - Day One Life Consultancy, with the same philosophy.