I’ve had many clients who want to make a change in their career but don’t know what to do. They have plenty of great ideas: on-line businesses, teaching, becoming a consultant, working for a non-profit, finding a green job. But they are afraid to choose one, because, what if they don’t make it? What if they don’t like it? What if they decide they would rather spend their time doing something else? What if they miss other opportunities because their focus was elsewhere?

REALLY?? Come on. You are a creative being. You will ALWAYS have new ideas to distract you. The challenge is to acknowledge those new ideas, write them down, keep them in a file, FOR LATER. Pick the one that most excites you, that makes you want to do a little dance when you think about it. Pick that one, and stay with it.

I know. You immediately think, “Well, just because it is the one that makes me the most excited doesn’t mean it’s the most practical one. Just because it is the one that makes me the most excited TODAY doesn’t mean it will tomorrow. Just because it makes me want to do a little dance when I think about it doesn’t mean I will be successful in it.”

REALLY?? Let me tell you something. When you talk yourself down out of your excitement, you are sabotaging your own success right there. GO WITH IT. Let your mind run with it. Talk about it to your trusted friends (not the naysayers.) Talk about it with your coach. (Don’t have one yet? Give me a call.) Talk about it with your dog. Write about it to yourself. Expand on it.

Answer these questions:

What about doing this brings me joy?

What about doing this brings value to others? What value does it bring?

What impact could doing this have on me, my family, my clients, my community, the world?

What reverberations could my doing this have on the world?

When I think about doing this, how do I feel? (Excited, a little scared, ambitious, happy, relieved, energetic?)

(If you feel tired, worn down, exhausted, unhappy, and like throwing up, then it’s probably not your happy path. Choose another idea.)

Thinking about it, talking about it, and writing about your new direction is VERY IMPORTANT. From this, action steps are revealed. Start taking those baby steps toward making this idea a reality. Keep your focus, keep your interest on your new direction, and opportunities that support your decision start revealing themselves too. You will be most successful if you stay focused and follow your happy path.

And remember, don’t get distracted by your other great ideas! Just say to yourself: “Later. Right now, I’m headed in this direction.” And go for it!

Author's Bio: 

Sally Templeton is a coach specializing in working with high-potential employees, executives, and those in career transition. Sally has changed her career twice. If you want more happiness and success in your career, contact Sally.