What is holding you back? Is fear stopping you from being a winner? Discover what the winners do and why they succeed when others fail.

What is the basis of the fear that holds people back from being all that they can be in life, from reaching their full potential?

Over the last 10 years or so, whilst embarking on a wealth creation journey, it was obvious from my observations of those around me, that some people were winners and some people were never going to be.
That sounds very harsh, but the reality is simple.

Winners possess certain characteristics that take them on their journey to success and true wealth.

The Winners:
1. Constantly search for something better.
2. Set goals. Small easily achievable goals, as well as bigger goals that may take longer to achieve, but are based on the ‘big picture’.
3. Continually reassess their goals.
4. Take action every day. Always working towards the goal that they have set with persistence and consistency.
5. Follow what other successful people are doing
6. Take the easy road…..looking for opportunities supported by the current economy, and do not try to ‘swim against the tide’.
7. Surround themselves with other winners.
8. Practice self improvement every day and reflect with gratefulness on what they have already achieved.
9. Don’t procrastinate. They see that an opportunity is sound and they conduct their research, then they take the action required to ensure that that opportunity meets their expectations. They do not wait around in hope that the ‘perfect option’ will somehow find them.
10. Invest their earnings wisely to ensure a depth of wealth that will always carry them through if tougher times present themselves in the future. Invest in appreciating assets, not a new car and boat!
11. Demonstrate patience and are prepared to live the life of delayed gratification, if needed.
12. Look at the worst case scenario, take it into consideration and assess the risk with a level head. If an opportunity presents with manageable risk and the worst case scenario would not be devastating, then, is there any risk at all?
13. Believe that they deserve to be successful.
14. Pick themselves up when things aren’t going to plan, learn from the experience and keep going
15. Are prepared to give back to the community, support charities and they look forward to the opportunity of being able to do so. Treat those opportunities as rewards.
16. Do not let fear prevent them from seizing an opportunity and taking immediate action.

Those who are never going to be successful, display these common characteristics.

The Losers:
1. Procrastinate and think about being successful, without taking the required action.
2. Lose interest quickly and allow themselves to be distracted
3. Are not consistent
4. Are searching for something with huge financial returns for no effort….sorry, those opportunities don’t exist.
5. Allow other people (usually friends that are not doing so well themselves) to influence their decisions, and hold them back. Remember, the unfortunate reality is that friends love to see you doing well, but don’t like seeing you do better than them!
6. Think that they do not deserve to do well.
7. Allow the fear of failure to override their belief of success.

It is simple really. Follow what successful people are doing in this recession. It is all about finding a great opportunity, observing it’s likelihood to do well in the current economy (pick a booming industry) and believing in yourself enough to give it your best effort. You can do it and do not let the ‘fear factor’ keep you from it.

Author's Bio: 

Belinda Smith is the Director of a successful Property Investment company, studying and implementing wealth creation strategies. She has tertiary qualifications in Financial Services and also recognises the direct releveance of Personal Development to an individuals level of success. She has worked in a supervisory postition in the NSW Police Force and as a Business Development Manager of a Finance company. She founded www.striveandprosper.com a Top Tier home business representing personal development products on-line for a respected US based Company and mentors others in the business to earn profits fast. She believes that everyone deserves to live their best life.