When humanity opens its eyes and looks upon the world in physical matter, linear time seems such a common place event. You all look around and know how long it takes to get from one place to another depending upon the mode of transport, whether you walk, jump, run, climb into a taxi, or fly in an airplane. Time and distance, even the space it takes to bring food from your plate into your mouth, are moments spent and ideas thought, dreamed, and left as the process of time moves on.

Each symbol of humanity's dawning mind accepts and then rejects certain other elements to do with universal matter time-space, purely and simply, because you cannot accept it. Humanity even stipulates universal thinking as being based upon linear time, yet that remains as cause and effect of perception because of what systems are initiated through mind control. You are rigorously kept to those increments of matter. How you subject energy, push energy or use energy in a way that enables you movement gives you ability to bring judgment to bear upon idea or random measurement of physical state.

The problem with the evolutionary state of universe you understand in your mind, is in perceiving what a question could be. It is one thing to bring yourself to an answer, but you have to understand the question to gain one. And, even then, are you really fully aware of what increments of knowledge could be born from it? Every sentence appears as simply one individual’s personal view from previous interactions in physical space and experience to relate purely to understanding familiarity.

The universe exploding within a single motion is what is stated as fact within the science and elementary levels, and also, trying to prove it within the greater physics of universal science has become a problem. Bringing understanding into the quantum principal means that because you see in an identified plane does not mean to say it is the only plane that exists or that simple is simply in one order.

Order can be achieved as you access to reach point 'B' from point 'A' on which you stand; it does not mean to say you have to travel to it in a straight line. Being in physical terms on planet earth as how you see physical state, you have been tethered to perceptions of logical state. But just because a place is so many hundreds of light-years away, it doesn't necessarily mean to say that will be the time it will take to reach it as measured unless you insist on applying the same principals you create in your own planetary environment. It would only continue to be this if you draw your pathway in a straight line as you perceive universe to be. However, multidimensional layering that is not curved or straight but occupies a space and time uninformed in physical state (because it is other dimensional) means you may travel to a place within a given time at a shorter distance than you perceive it with your physical understanding. You can, perhaps, work it out with the calculus you have so far been given or aligned yourself to, simply to understand it has to be gained with permission for your mind to experience.

In fact, to get to a place or point in the universe may only take a few seconds if the right route is applied. It is all dependent upon your view of what universe is. And because you insist upon seeing everything in a straight line, it means that you can only therefore presume a fuel in a particular way that your minds can accept. The multidimensional force of universe, however, is very different, and it occupies a state whereby you may fold it. You may even fold your perception of it. And, in truth, the reality can be completely the opposite journey to what you think.

Similar in a way, I have to say, to the way in which individuals may dream or may think upon astral journey and that time, distance, and space is altered completely. Not by the perception of mind or by the way in which you link to it and think that you have traversed this time distance, but that, in fact, you have purely by the speed of thought. You are able to manipulate, not your thought process in order to get you there quicker, but, through realization and openness of mind, you are able to perceive something which previously had not existed. Therefore, it does not come from your imagination or dexterity of mind but is there in actual state and all you merely do is access it through the varying different abilities of alignment and sensitivity.

In much the same way, different species from other worlds adopt these principals in order to travel what you would determine as vast distances in a very short space because they exist within these folded realities. You may see and perceive that very small elements exist within the universe that you try to make sense of. They bind the universe in a most microscopic effort; a string of energy like a root or a branch of a tree; a small and infinitely variable pathway to understanding how it may be made and brought together.

Different species use different mechanisms in order to propel themselves from one event to another. And they do this by not using the conventional methods that you would know of - no solid fuel. In fact, no actual matter that experience can easily define. Other worlds may seem distant and inhabited ones even rarer. Yet, they exist. They exist because you do not signify the only example of intelligent matter. In fact, you are an upstart, a mere infant.

You see, once again, you have the passage of time that it takes to reach one point from another point, and each of these examples are expressed in physical time state because it is the only way you are able to express them. Or is it? There have been many examples of differences in combustion; many ways in which compacted energy is able to be utilized to drive something from one place to another.

You see through the universe, yet, you still puzzle over how to achieve its length or breadth. You may prove scientifically almost everything that exists in physical time-space in this dimension in which you live now. Yet, the puzzle of how and where all reality is at this moment is something that may be more difficult to solve. Although you may be in more than the dimension you accept, it is even more difficult for humanity to accept another reality outside of Self. It is always a better notion to keep open minded wisdom in front of the eyes; to look for even greater possibilities.

Once you say you are defining a curve or a way in which to understand a particular unit, does it mean that you understand it truly or fully? Does it mean that you accept all parameters involved within it, and that no more can be done? To do this is the first lack of judgment you may make: to accept that you know something about a particular object and that there is no more to discover. Thus it is in the way in which species of all universes may come to connect from time to time.

Yes, you have various ongoing experiments to try to establish whether or not different races may communicate with you through the methods and analogy that you have already predicted. They would be able to understand with even half the intelligence of yourselves!

A great many individuals fail to recognize the numerous visitations that have already taken place. They continually refute them, rejecting them out of hand, saying they cannot possibly be taking place because they haven't seen them themselves. It is a narrow-minded view. It is an ego not worth fighting for.

Surely, it is better to say, "I continue to look, to observe and to watch, to take note of all those events that take place on my horizon. Therefore, I continue to try to understand it, not move on from it, but to bring it as evidence. I must do more to move forward in my life and in the explanation of it."

By spirit guide Gregory Haye

Author's Bio: 

Gregory Haye born: 1705-1723. Principal spirit communicator to the scientific spirit group, The White Cloud Group.
Through trance medium Mick Avery and physical medium Sylvie Avery.