My ESTEEM Principle is designed so that women are able to look at their lives from a different perspective, shifting paradigms and ultimately creating the life they really want. Building self-esteem is one of the keys to walking through the fear of inadequacy and paves the way to become powerful beyond measure. Here is the break down of the ESTEEM Principle. Taking these steps lays the foundation from which to build the life of your dreams.

By doing these steps you will;
• Be perceived as beautiful by men
• Walk into a room and command the attention of every man
• Attract the "ideal man" into your life
• Create the "ideal marriage" that you really want in your life
• Manifest the "ideal job" for you
• Discover the spiritual peace you yearn for

EMBRACE CHANGE- The first step is to recognize if something needs to change in your life. This is not always easy; sometimes it takes one of those "Awakening Moments". It is that wake up moment that we all have at some time in our lives, where we either change and grow or stay and wither.

The Chinese symbol for Change is also the symbol for Opportunity. This is not new thinking it has been around for thousands of years.

Or maybe you are going through a change, either at the beginning of it or smack dab in the middle of it. The thought of Embracing it may never have crossed your mind and frankly does not sound desirable. The fact is that change itself is not what causes pain; it is the resistance to change that causes our pain. There is also a saying "What you resist, persists."

Try something new - Embrace Change, it just might make you feel better. There is one constant - everything is always changing.

STRENGTHEN VALUES - There are so many different types of values. Here are just eight categories of values;

1. Self value
2. Spiritual values
3. Personal qualities
4. Image values
5. Your most highly valued resources
6. Lifestyle values
7. Power values
8. Attitude values

What are your values? When was the last time you thought about what you value? How well are you currently living your life in alignment with what you value? Once you become clear on what you value AND you start to living your life aligned with these values, your life will improve for the better dramatically. You cannot help but feel good about yourself and increase you level of esteem.

THINK DREAMS - Let your mind really start to dream. Give yourself permission to dream your dreams. Like when you were a child. Release all restrictions in your mind and allow the dreams to flow. Frequently we have become so involved in living our lives we have forgotten what are dreams even were, much less what they currently are.

Without dreams there is so much less meaning to our lives. The simplest dream can seem the most out of reach. I remember my first dream that I had as a young woman, it was to have loving marriage. At the time I had never even had a healthy relationship with a man. I had already been married once and divorced and did not want to do that again. I had no idea how that could ever come true, but I just allowed myself to dream of it.

My dream has come true! I have the most loving relationship and marriage to the man of my dreams for over seventeen years. You must first have the dream!

ENVISION GOALS - Goals are something that we use to measure progress. They are the measurable means used to help our dreams come true. Goals are really taking your vision / your dream and combining it with action.

Once you set your goal, then develop strategies to help you achieve it. There are short term and long term goals. Learn to set SMART goals. These are goals that are;

• Specific
• Measurable
• Authentic
• Resonate
• Thrilling
What ever the goal, once achieved it is a tremendous esteem builder and perpetuates the feeling of self-worth.

EMULATE SUCCESS - How do you want to be successful? What does success mean to you? Once you determined what it means to you and have it in you mind then seek out people that have what you want.

Example - If you want to have a successful marriage then find someone who already has that, ask them what is their secret. If you don't know anyone who has a successful marriage then make it a point to find them. Hire a coach (like me), read a book, take a workshop. First you set your intention - then what ever resources you need, you will attract.

Whatever it is that you want success in; love, money, spiritual peace or just life in general - Emulate someone who is already successful in that area.

MOTIVATE - Nothing happens by just sitting around saying the "If only's". Things happen when you are into action, when you are Motivated.

When you feel stuck and almost paralyzed, if you will merely get up and do something, any thing, your attitude will change and you will feel better. It can be as simple as get up and wash a glass. I heard this saying years ago and just loved it "Move a muscle and change a thought".

By working through the previous five steps of The ESTEEM Principle prior to Motivate, you can not help but become motivated before you realize it.

Motion creates energy. Everything derives from energy. Love is energy. Money is energy. When you constrict the flow of energy you get stagnation. When you open the flow and get into motion you create energy and with it forward motion toward the life of your dreams.

Motivation is very contagious, people are attracted to those that motivate them. So Motivate and you will motivate others.

By Embracing Change, Strengthen Values, Thinking Dreams, Envisioning Goals, Emulating Success and Motivating I took an unhappy fearful woman (me) from feeling inadequate and lonely to living a happy, fulfilled life. Today I have a successful marraige, I never feel lonely and I do not fear life. I live an ESTEEM filled life feeling better about myself than ever before!

This is YOUR year. Take the steps. What do you have to loose? What do you have to gain?

Become ESTEEM filled and feel better about YOURSELF than ever before.

Author's Bio: 

Susan Birmingham is an Executive Coach who specializes in working with business women. She is also the founder & president of Birmingham Results, LLC as well as creator of and The ESTEEM Principle™.