"Close your eyes:
what is left
when there is no thought?

(Truly, nothing else ever need be said
beyond this.)

But to try and answer
what cannot be answered:

All that is left is

is not a place
between past and future.

For the past and future
can only exist in thinking.

Now is.

It is a completely different reality
to time.

It cannot be separated
from awareness
and it cannot be separated
from existence at it's essence.

It has no beginning
and no end.

It is consciousness itself.

Only when you get caught up in thinking
does this eternal now seem to disappear.

Take away thought
and all that is left is now.

The energy of being fully present
is so immense,
so overwhelming
that instinct tells you
to separate from it.

So Zen is the path
of the courageous.

If you are willing to close your eyes
and notice:

what is left
when there is no thought?

And remain there.

nothing else ever need be said.



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