The origins of Reiki are controversial and shrouded in mystery. Many claim paternity but it’s more likely that polygenesis played an important role in confusing its origins. In fact, like many other ancient beliefs and healing techniques, we can find traces of pseudo-Reiki techniques all over the word from very early times.

The recent, documented phase of Reiki, which marks its modern history, starts with its rediscovery by the Japanese Buddhist monk Mikao Usui, at the end of the 19th century. Reiki was then introduced to the West during the 70s through Usui’s lineage of Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, Phillis Lei Furumoto.

Reiki is based on the transmission of the life-force which permeates the entire universe (Ki in Japanese, Chi in Chinese, Prana in Sanskrit, Mana in Hawaiian) through the use of sacred symbols and the laying-on of hands. However it can also be sent or passed through a proxy, because it works at a higher level where everything is connected, and therefore the physical distance between the healer and the ‘healee’ is irrelevant.

Everyone can receive Reiki with great benefit, but if we want to pass it to and heal others, we need to receive the attunements from a Reiki Master first. There are basically three levels of Reiki attunements, the third one often split into two further levels (third degree practitioner and third degree Master). The function of the attunements is to clear the channels (or meridians – the same used in acupuncture) of our etheric body and thereby make us a clear channel to pass the healing energy flow.

Reiki quickly became very popular in America and soon reached Europe, becoming first established in Germany, where it has been used in many hospitals for decades. Its popularity and effectiveness has encouraged the creation of many different branches and more symbols have now been added to the original, traditional ones.

Although initially Reiki was used essentially to heal physical illnesses, restoring a free flow of energy in the energetic body or aura, and removing the blockages responsible for disease, it has gradually begun to be used in more spiritual ways on subtle planes. In fact Reiki, being the positive healing force of the universe, can help us to restore harmony and wellness everywhere because it dispels negativity. Therefore Reiki is very successfully used to “heal” situations, to unblock stagnant, stuck conditions (both mental and physical) and also to destroy impurities caused by chemicals and pollution: it can be used on food for instance, to boost its nutritive values and reduce or destroy its impurities. Everyone and everything benefits from the Reiki flow. We can heal a person or an animal, but also a plant. We can clear a room from negativity. We can charge and clean healing crystals and we can send healing to Mother Earth. Animals, being much more open to the universal flow of energy than we are, are particularly good subjects.

When used in regression work Reiki becomes especially effective because – being itself pure energy – it flows directly into the energy field of the person without having to pass through the much denser material body. Its strong positive force greatly helps to heal all wounds of the soul and raise our energy, facilitating ascension.
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I have a solid academic background with more than 20 scholarly publications to my credit and many articles on Hypnotherapy, Spirituality and Healing. I have nearly 40 years’ experience in helping teenagers and adults to improve their lives and solve their problems (gained teaching in Colleges and in Adult Education in several different countries), which I combine with the expertise I have obtained from my lifelong studies of Reincarnation and Spirituality.

I began practicing hypnotherapy in Italy in 1994, and since I moved to the UK I have gained several formal British and American qualifications in Hypnotherapy and Counselling. I am now the director of my own successful private practice in North Harrow (London), At The Apple Tree Hypnotherapy. Footprints from the Past is our specialised branch dedicated to Regression work and other holistic techniques.

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All our scripts are personalised, and our clients can be assured that they are created specifically for them and perfectly tailored to their problem and the causes that created it. We are all unique individuals with unique needs and unique solutions, and we know that having the same problem doesn’t mean that we can solve it in the same way. At The Apple Tree we shall help our clients' Subconscious to unleash their full potential.

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