The Essence Of Happiness

whether we are rich or poor,
educated or uneducated,
whatever our nationality, color,
social status or ideology may be,
the purpose of our lives is to be happy

His Holiness The Dalai Lama

This simple and beautiful statement sums up the essence of our being. Happiness is in the matrix of the universe.

Civilization, societal structures and rituals have over the centuries skewed our perception of what it really means to be a human being who has chosen this experience on this earth.

Our incredible personal power eludes most of us, simply because we have lost touch with ourselves and believed incorrect information about our true nature. In the process of focusing outside of ourselves instead of within ourselves we have given away our power.

As the old structures are gradually falling apart and we are beginning to re-connect to who we really are we are also re-defining core values and beliefs of our existence. As our vision opens up beyond the constraints of religion and false history we are literally waking up to our dormant strengths.

We are learning that guilt, fear, aggression are characteristics of an old paradigm we cannot identify with any longer.

New scientific revelations are confirming teachings from the old wisdom traditions. A liberation on a massive scale is taking place. As the world at large is waking up and the old is fighting against the new we are beginning see reality in a different way.

Maybe the biggest realization anyone can have is that you can train yourself to be free from guilt and fear and other limiting emotions and beliefs without compromising your ability to survive.

Yes, you are allowed to be happy!

The amygdala, the oldest part of our brain still has the old fight and flight responses necessary for survival stored in its memory bank. We think predominantly negatively and its automatic.

Today many of us are moving beyond the need to be critical, to focus on what is wrong and fight in order to win and survive. There is a growing realization that we can have successful lives simply by tuning into the energies of contentment, acceptance, gratitude and love.

These higher energies are truth and everything that is of truth flows easily. Happiness evolves through the practice of self acceptance, non judgement and love.

At this point I would like to share with you a simple practice. Silently send everyone you speak to this blessing: "May you be well and may you have an easy life."
This simple practice helps to remain in a happy state particularly and encounters the many negative energies we are all exposed to.

When you are happy you are yourself and connect to your true self. It cuts out a lot of the mind chatter we all experience.

This principle applies to everyone. Whatever your profession, where ever you are on your path, when you tune into happiness and make it part of who you are your life becomes happier too.

Author's Bio: 

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a human development coach and author. She has written several books on personal improvement. Her unique meditation tools bring peace and balance to your life and your environment. Visit for more information.