These days everyone is looking for a competitive edge. The enlightened entrepreneur understands and conforms with two universal laws: The Law of Fair Exchange and The Law of Appreciation.

The Law of Fair Exchange enforces our activity. We must give something in return for what we want in life and the exchange must be fair. In the simplest form, we exchange money for goods and services. If we pay too much, we will feel the inequity and we will not return to that business. If we pay too little, the business will fail and will not be available to return to.

The Law of Appreciation is similar but just a little different. We get more of what we appreciate. Appreciation can be a simple thank you. However, appreciation can be quite different than thank you, it can also be utilization. When people go to a gym and work out, they are appreciating their muscles. Their muscles get stronger. Those who do not use their muscles lose strength.

Think about your relationships. Don't you want to be around people who enjoy being around you? The cycle of appreciation helps fulfill the Law of Fair Exchange. In fact, some people will pay more for a product or service just because they feel the business appreciates them. They get more than just the service. They feel good.

Any business will be more prosperous by recognizing the two laws. If you are already in business, I encourage you to make sure you are complying. However, if you are not in business, I encourage you to look at your opportunities with those two laws in mind. Multilevel marketing (MLM) companies often comply with the laws quite well and offer amazing benefits to the enlightened entrepreneur.

Do you own your own business or do you merely own your own job? Enlightened entrepreneurs know that there are limits to the amount of service they can provide in a day. In order to increase service, entrepreneurs must be able to duplicate themselves. They must hire people and train them. They must pay them fairly and make sure that the employees are complying with the Law of Fair Exchange with their work. Using the MLM model, people are paid based on their performance. If they work hard and sell more products, they are paid more. If they sit around and don't do anything, they are paid nothing. MLMs conform to the Laws of Appreciation and Fair Exchange.

Enlightened entrepreneurs are not off the hook with the MLM. They must train, motivate and support the people under them. The compensation of MLM enlightened entrepreneurs is in direct proportion to their ability to build an effective organization. They own their own business, not just a job. They must conform to the Laws.

What about start-up costs? Entrepreneurs often must find a building, equipment, furniture, pay license fees, buy insurance, buy raw materials and find the money to pay for all of that before they can even market to customers. The MLM has done all of that already. All the MLM enlightened entrepreneur has to do is market. The start-up costs for the MLM are often a few hundred dollars compared to tens of thousands for many other businesses.

Those of us in business often compare the monthly nut we have to crack. The nut is the overhead, the amount of money we have to make before we make a profit. Rent, utilities and payroll must all be met even if no sales are generated. For most entrepreneurs, the monthly nut is thousands of dollars. For the MLM enlightened entrepreneur it can be as low as a hundred dollars.

Marketing is a huge factor in any business. I once designed a neck support for shampoo bowls. I could get it manufactured in China for about $2 but by the time it got through the normal distribution channel the retail cost would be $34. A well-designed MLM allows you to make money all the way along the distribution channel. Some MLMs even offer profit sharing.

Today’s MLMs are Internet based. Prospective customers can go to your web site and order from around the world, 24/7. If they see the vision, they can also become enlightened entrepreneurs. They can sign up and automatically have their own web sites and begin their own home-based business on the Internet. Using email, you can communicate with all members of the organization. Using teleconferences, you can have the personal touch. Remember to conform to the Laws of Appreciation and Fair Exchange.

There are high profile business people that are now moving into MLM organizations. They have learned from experience. Now they are enlightened entrepreneurs. Is it time you joined them?

Author's Bio: 

In addition to being an expert on chiropractic, Dr Affolter holds a MBA from the University of Kansas. He is a licensed real estate agent and author of "From Paint Rags to Riches - Becoming a Real Estate Millionaire." After seeing all the studies on chocolate, he became an “enlightened entrepreneur”.