Diabetes, more specifically type II diabetes, is often referred to as a disease of obesity. People who are overweight are at a much greater risk of diabetes but the direct cause is not exactly clear. One theory proposes that when someone is obese, it causes stress in a series of cellular membranes known as endoplasmic reticulum. This stress causes the ER to suppress insulin receptor signals which can then lead to insulin resistance. Ok, so, enough of the medical lesson. All you really need to know is that if you are overweight, your risk of diabetes goes through the roof. The good news is, you can cut that risk way down and maybe even eliminate it all together.

First of all, let’s look at the food you are eating. Your body needs nutrient rich foods in order to maintain healthy weight and function. If you are eating empty calories, i.e. cakes, cookies, pies, etc. then your body is probably getting to much sugar and it will have a problem processing it. This excess sugar will often be stored as fat and will lead to excess blood sugar as well. Both of these scenarios can lead to your body developing diabetes. You have to severely limit the amount of these foods in your diet immediately. Instead, focus on eating healthy grains, fruits, and vegetables which will provide your body with slow burning carbohydrates which will in turn help to regulate your body’s blood glucose levels and help to stave off diabetes. Now, let’s look at adding exercise to help further reduce your risk of diabetes.

Intense exercise can help you lose weight. That is number one of course. As we mentioned, maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the stress on your endoplasmic reticulum and will prevent insulin receptors from becoming insulin resistant. In addition, because your body uses glucose as the main fuel source for your muscles energy, exercise will help to use any excess glucose that your body does take in so that abnormally high levels do not occur. In fact, this glucose uptake by the muscles can have such a dramatic and profound positive effect that some people’s diabetes can be completely controlled by exercise alone.

Two things that can help your journey to preventing or controlling your diabetes is a nutrition coach and hiring a fitness trainer. Starting on a new path in life can be difficult especially when you are dealing with subjects as diverse as nutrition and exercise. By adhering to the admonitions of professionals, you can make sure that your plan is both effective and safe as well. A nutrition coach can help you plan meals and make proper food decisions while a fitness trainer can design an easy to understand exercise program that will help to speed up fat loss and use up excess glucose; both can help reduce your risks of getting diabetes.

Exercise and a healthy diet…your keys to staying healthy and avoiding and/or treating diabetes.

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