Did you ever get a "good" chill(s) energy surge most usually through music which shot through the top of your head down through your body? Most people have. Recently I wrote about my initial questions to people as to what did they thought it was?

While I believe the chills phenomenon is universal, I next wondered what people of different religions would say. I just asked what do you think the chills a person gets from time to time is? Hopefully you will find the responses interesting and enlightening.

Oh, I start with an atheist, even though atheism is not a religion, I believe.

The 19 year old Atheist said.....

I listen to music quite a bit so yes, I get the chills all the time. I have no idea what they are but they are pleasant. I do not think about it. It comes and goes. The scary feeling (I seldom get) from scary movies is a different feeling than the good feeling I get from the chills.

A young Mormon woman said.....

The chill(s) are felt when I hear music and hence am touched by the Holy Spirit or
God. It is only a good feeling. I also feel the chill(s) when I hear something that is truth. I invite you and others to come to our church to feel it more.

A Baptist said.....

I have felt the chills. Mainly when I have heard old music like the Doors. I believe it relates to past feelings from the time when I was in Vietnam during the war. But I do not know what feeling it brings up. Be careful to focus on Jesus, and avoid things beyond understanding.

A Catholic Priest said.....

I have gotten the chills listening to music. Classical music mostly with no words. I did get a huge energy chill feeling once during a service I was leading when the song Gloria (note-not the song G-L-O-R-I-A) was being sung.

The chill feeling is always good. It is like a natural buzz, “a rush,” a high feeling for a moment or two.

There is a story about a priest who asked for something to change his life and he had a rush of energy and his life was changed for the better.

Sometimes I suppose the chill or energy is just something to “lift” us and sometimes it is life changing.

I believe the chill or energy is the Holy Spirit going through us in a positive way. This chill happens to everyone, not just Catholics. This has been a enjoyable conversation.

A Buddist woman said.....

I do not get the chills I think as you describe, but I do get electrical firing impulses throughout my body when I pray for someone else.

I do not get the chills from music. Oh, I do get a chill or chills when I get cold. It goes away pretty quick. Wish I could be of more help to you.

A Unity Church Minister said.....

I do not get chills but I do get a warming. What I mean is that my whole body gets very warm and my right palm gets hot. I use this energy to help people in need and it usually only happens when someone needs help.

A Mega Christian Church Minister said.....

I feel the chills and believe it is a connection with God, the Holy Spirit, and/or the divine. It has always been a positive experience for me and I experience it with music and if something I hear is true.

A Islamic man said.....

Yes, I feel the chills . I do not think they relate to my religious beliefs. When I pray, I pray. The chills are separate and not related, they just happen and are always a good feeling.

It seems to me that the Chill(s) are universal when they are experienced. And religion does not seem to matter. Are the Chill(s) a gift to us all no matter what religion? and if so, what does that mean?

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Peace to all. Don

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Don Wadington
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