If you’re not experiencing infinite abundance, there’s a good reason it’s not your “reality” yet. The reason relates to a riddle.

The challenge is like the riddle: which came first, the chicken or the egg? In this case it’s which comes first, measurable proof that you’re infinitely abundant or faith that it’s your natural state? The answer for both riddles is the same: the thought or idea of it comes first.

We entangle ourselves with a “chicken and egg” cycle about infinite abundance. This is because we are so practiced at believing what we “see” that our ability to have True faith in our infinite abundance is affected by an underlying feeling, thought, belief of, “I’m not entirely sure my infinite abundance is real. As soon as I see proof of it, then I’ll believe it. Then, I’ll be able to feel it.”

One of the biggest obstacles involved is our strong emotional attachment to believing we must have an “acceptable” level of accumulation, verifiable numbers, and certain things or assets to prove to others that our success, value, and worth is measurable or measures up. This approach is reliant upon the opinions of others, not in faith that your infinite abundance is real, which is always an inner experience first.

We feed the need for proof with our thoughts. Often these thoughts involve repetition of mental scenes we replay in our minds of how our life looks and feels in its limited form. Less imagery goes to seeing (and feeling) it as worthy of true appreciation and filled with potential and opportunities. Which of these do you “feed” most often? How you experience (feel about) your “reality” (aside from what it looks like) supports whatever you believe.

Money and things never cause you to feel what it is you really want to feel—one with your infinite abundance and creative consciousness. However, the more you connect to feeling one with these, the more life takes on what you might call a magical feel to it; and money, people, opportunities, and things show up as ways to enhance your enjoyment of your human experience. As Shakespeare wrote, “The play’s the thing.”

Physicist James A. Wheeler said, “There’s no out there ‘out there’.” The majority of us haven’t integrated this fact into our experience as yet; but what this means is it’s an illusion that money and things come to us from “reality”—what we call the physical plane, which is actually a virtual reality that responds to what we imagine into it. Ernest Holmes wrote, “Nothing moves but mind.”

Whether you’ve followed a gut feeling, intuition, Law of Attraction technique, or any other tool or technique, the “smallest” example of having a desired outcome appear in your life demonstrates your infinite abundance and infinite creative consciousness (which are one in the same). Because of our attachment described four paragraphs above, unless an outcome is “significant” in the opinion of others then in our own, we continue to doubt it’s True—despite the evidence. In the Infinite realm, size is irrelevant. Only in our limited perspective in the human game, does size have meaning. Every creation is a profoundly brilliant one because, “There’s no out there ‘out there’.”

Every technique you use is a way to help you aim at the target: faith in and of the Truth. But it’s never the technique that has the power; it’s you—as an infinite being having a human experience. “Nothing moves but mind.”

No technique will actually shift you from the limiting beliefs that require proof in your physical experience so that you can have faith; though a technique can lead you to right questions that will assist this. An inner shift has to happen within you. What will help you get there is to let this information incubate inside you, and allow right questions to come to you as you contemplate what this really means to you—until you feel the shift begin to happen.

You might intellectualize your way into and through this process, if you choose to take it on, but eventually it will be the feeling of the Truth of it that begins to make a difference in how you experience every moment. You might apply this to money first, as it has such a strong emotional charge, but also relate this information to everything in your human experience.

These are deeper questions than you might at first imagine, but
What would have to happen in you for you to feel and know your infinite abundance is real prior to “external” proof?
How would your thoughts and feelings change or need to?
What is infinite abundance? Is it money and stuff, or is it a way of being?

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