There are several books that altered how I look at the food I purchase and what I grow in my yard.

Barbara Kingsolver wrote about her families journey of eating locally grown food for a year in Animal, Vegatable, Miracle. The book is non-fiction, yet is written in a way that draws you in. It includes the recipes they used to cook with the food they either grew or bought at local farmers markets.

I try to buy from the local farmers market and grow my own, yet I always seem to gine in to the lovely peach in the grocery store in the middle of winter. At least I am now reading the place of origin for the food I purchase and try to get it from the US if at all possible.

Food Not Lawns is about growing edible gardens not grass. It is about creating community through gardens. It inspired me to remove my bermuda lawn and put in an edible garden that includes 5 fruit trees and a veggie garden. You can see my journey at my personal blog.

If you have read either book, I would love to hear from you how the changed your life.

The Garden Goddess

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