If you have been marketing online for some time, you may have heard the saying, The Fortune is in the List. Lately, I have been hearing an amended version, “The Fortune is in your relationship with your list”.

First of all, I believe wholeheartedly in authentic marketing. And the truth is that, these days even non-marketers, some maybe, know that you can use email newsletter programs to personalize broadcast emails. So just using a person’s first name in the subject or the body of the email is a little transparent. So how do you set yourself apart and show your list that you are real, you want to add value to their lives or business and you truly believe in the products you recommend, even if you are an affiliate?

Here are a few tips:

Send a weekly or biweekly newsletter Let your subscribers know that you will email them on a schedule so they know when to expect to hear from you. Outside of any other correspondence, the newsletter should go out on schedule.

A picture says a thousand words Personalize your scheduled newsletter with a picture of yourself at an event, with colleagues or family.

Video Video marketing is increasingly becoming the must-do marketing tool for every online marketer. It has become so easy to incorporate video into your marketing with the Flip Video Camera and even built-in web cams. Even if you are camera shy, you can use a screen capture software to make a video of a slideshow presentation with your narration.

Share updates about your personal life This is a tough one for me. It is possible though to share information about yourself while still holding some things sacred. That is a line that each person will have to draw for themselves.

The benefits of treating your list like your BFF

1. Your list will feel like they really know you This translates to higher conversions for product offers, less subscription cancellations. Just like in real life, people tend to buy from people they know.

2. Increases your credibility and trust factor This is truly authentic marketing. Your list will trust your recommendations, just like a friend in real life who refers you to their dentist.

3. Increases repeat purchases Your list will stay with you forever if they truly feel like your friend. This increases your opportunity to market different offers to them, thus increasing the likelihood of repeat buys.

Be true to your BFF

Now comes the tricky part. Surely some of us have been in a situation at some point another where we betrayed a friend. Or we may have done something that inadvertently threatened the friendship. Well, it’s the same with your email list. Be very careful about what you recommend. Try to recommend products, e-books, courses you have personally used and had success with or people who you know to be credible marketers and service providers.

Respect your relationship with your list, be thankful that they have allowed you in their inbox, treat them like you would your closest friend and this will go a long way to a true win/win relationship for both sides.

Author's Bio: 

Stephanie Treasure is an Entrepreneur and Marketing Consultant with a passion for Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Personal Development and helping people. She is also a featured contributor in the Ebook 77 Success Traits (2009, Determine Your First Major Milestone) by Mark Foo.
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