A recession is an illness our country has and we have to participate in healing it as if we were sick. When dealing with an illness, people have to go beyond their conditioned habits and tap their inner resources to become an active part of the healing process. Our nation, actually the world, is our collective body and we all are but atoms of that body and we are sick.

If patients focus on their conditioned ego, they tend to ignore the Wisdom of their Body. Most people just look outside for the solutions to their problems, but in difficult financial times that may be too expensive and something that will not help our situation. We need to look within and connect to powerful inner resources and then play an active role with the experts in healing. Participating with experts as we consciously use our inner resources is the way we become stronger as we face the challenges ahead.

If we face struggles as victims, we will be crushed by what is before us. If we face challenges as empowered people, this recession will evolve humanity to a higher level of existence. In fact, working on personal growth during difficult times forces us to a depth where the Wisdom of our Body takes an active role in dealing with our challenge. Powerful inner resources are not stored on the thinking level. We have to transcend our thoughts and when we do that, we go beyond the limitations of our mind.
If we don’t transcend thinking, we approach challenges with the limitations we have been conditioned with. There is one essential quality we need to transcend thoughts; self-trust. When we trust ourselves, we don’t have to hold onto thinking. We can perform like great athletes perform in the zone and manifest to our very best.
To struggle is to grow or be defeated. There is no middle path we can passively follow. We have to be forced to surrender to our full potential; it is not a choice! That is how we venture beyond even the “chooser,” our personal identity, and discover incredible inner strength, which I call the Wisdom of our Body.

This article is really a plea to you. Go beyond your mind-made reality and connect to your deepest wisdom. It is from that depth we (humanity) can meet this challenge and grow.

Are you willing to take that giant step beyond yourself? You are part of humanity, so play an active, conscious role. This request to you is not a plea for you to give up something or sacrifice in any way. It is a way for you to re-own your deepest wisdom.

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© Marc Lerner and Life Skills 2009

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I have been on an incredible journey since 1981, when I got multiple sclerosis. I started to work with others in a health struggle, sharing what I learned to help them deal with their challenge. I developed Life Skills Seminars Inc. and Life Skills Institute , a 501c3 non-profit organization to be able to share these techniques with others in a health challenge. I wrote e- books titled “A Healthy way to be Sick” (Go to http://ahealthywaytobesick.org/bookpromo.html ) and “A Light Shines Brighter in Darkness”. (Go to http://alightshinesbrighterindarkness.org/bookpromo.html .) I give seminars and public speaking focused on how we can tap inner resources to become an active patient in our healing process.