There are many, in fact dozens of reasons having adequate life insurance coverage is important. Remember, when selling life insurance, you're not just out there making a living for yourself and YOUR family, you're laying the groundwork to protect the FUTURE of someone ELSE's family.

If you're not a parent, it's easy to dismiss the absolute nuclear level of chaos that having a baby or two can create in a previously well ordered household! But those children, while throwing their new mommy and daddy into several years of sleep depravation, are THE MOST IMPORTANT reason for reaching out to this segment of the market.

As a parent I know first-hand that parents want what's best for their children. We want their future as secured as possible. We want to know that if the unthinkable happens and we're not here to take care of them, that we've put the financial means in place for them to make it without us.

But, as a parent, I also know that those first few years of being a new parent can be very trying. This goes for the first few years of baby number 2 and 3 as well. But knowing that still does not equate to getting your foot in the door to talk to mom and dad when all they may want is a full night of sleep and to stop tripping over dirty diapers and spit up!

  • Call and ask if it's a good time to talk. If it's not, ask when you should call back.
  • Be open to meeting and talking at odd times. 10pm at night may be your window after the baby AND school age kids are in bed.
  • Be prepared. Put a few low-cost coloring books, picture books, and maybe even a few baby toys in your briefcase. A few dollars is a small price to pay for a 15 minute window of quiet time where you can actually have a conversation with mom and dad.
  • Referrals in this market are HUGE. New moms and dads talk to other new moms and dads. Follow up, stay in contact. A gift certificate to a local restaurant is a great thank you for new parents (pick one that delivers or has take-out in case they don't want to leave their new baby with a sitter or grandparents just yet - and include a copy of the menu).

Being seen and heard builds trust. This is one reason our playground rebuilding projects are important - we provide a good deed and people get to know us at the same time. If you have children, be active in their school events and activities. If you don't have children you can become active in other events and fundraisers and build connections with new parents.

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Andy Albright is the CEO of National Agents Alliance, check out his blog at: Andy Albright for more information.