Become acquainted with The Law of Attraction – the most important natural law in your life.

Else Byskov’s latest book ”The Art of Attraction” explains in clear and logical terms how this fantastic natural law works, and it presents lots of good advice about how to make the law work for you, so that you can attract the things and circumstances in your life that you most want.

Fact box: It is irrefutable that there is a law of attraction. This law has been known to physics for more than 100 years, and it decrees that energies on similar wavelengths attract each other. We make use of the law when we listen to the radio, watch television and speak on our mobile phones, because these means of telecommunication make use of the law of attraction for the transmission of electromagnetic waves. This means that we make use of this natural law every day. But the law of attraction also affects our personal lives through the magnetism that our thoughts hold. Our thoughts are”something” even though we cannot see them – they are electromagnetic waves that are measurable. When we think of something, we quite simply attract what we are thinking about or wishing. So there is every reason to ”do some weeding in your thought sphere” and only think positive and happy thoughts. Be careful about what you think – because you attract it….

The magic of life really dawns on you when you understand how the law of attraction works. Once you consciously start to work with your thoughts, so that you focus on the aspects that you want and desire, then you have taken a major step in the direction of mastering your life. And there is not a shadow of a doubt that the law works. The more you concentrate on positive thinking, the more positive things will happen in your life. This is not just wishful thinking, but sheer physics. Negative thoughts vibrate on a completely different wavelength than positive thoughts, and with the vibration you send out, you attract wavelengths from the universe that are a vibrational match to your own wavelength. Happy and positive thoughts attract happy and positive vibrations from the universe, and negative and pissed off thoughts plus worry and pessimism attract negative vibrations – and those negative vibrations can induce illness and ill health.
In ”The Art of Attraction” the physical laws behind the workings of the law of attraction are explained, and you get a lot of advise about how to become a better attractor of what you want. The book underlines the enormous power of thought, because we are what we think. It is our thoughts that have determined where we live, who we are with, what we do and also our relationship to our surroundings. And it is also our thoughts that constitute the most important factor in our health, because with thoughts of illness, pessimism and worry we attract negative vibrations and consequently ill health. Today the power of thoughts in connection with healing is becoming more and more recognized, also within the field of traditional medicine, so there is every reason to practise positive thinking. It can save your life...
The book also points out that we are the ones who decide what we think. This is a very important point. We decide which thoughts are being thought in our heads– nobody else does. If a thought isn’t pleasing to us, we can just let it go and think about something pleasing instead. We have the world’s best ”built in” measuring device to determine if a thought is good and appropriate or bad and inappropriate: our emotional guidance system. If a certain thought makes us feel bad, then the emotional guidance system has passed verdict, and it means that we should immediately throw that thought overboard and find another thought to focus on. When we feel discomfort around a certain type of thought, be it illness, worry, terrorism or politics, then there is every reason to ”change channels” and find a thought that gives us positive feelings. We have millions of thoughts on millions of wavelengths at our disposal, so why linger on the ones that make us feel bad? The book gives lots of instructions about how to become good at choosing your thoughts, and the better you get at choosing positive thoughts the more happiness and joy will you attract. Because what you focus on and what you attract and what manifests in your life is always a match – every time, no exception.
Does it sound too simple? Then read the book and try for yourself. It is guaranteed to work because the law of attraction is the most powerful natural law of the universe. And you can make it work for you!
This is what the press wrote:”Else Byskov’s book is very easy to read and it has many good and diverse arguments that urge you to start improving your mix of thoughts. It is a book that reveals both humour and insight, so you become both happier and wiser by reading it.

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