The wisdom of horses in Equine Assisted Life Coaching

The Animal Connection

Holistequine Equine Assisted Life Coaching is not just a new modality for personal growth within the Wellness industry it also offers an exciting new career path for horse owners wanting a change of direction and a new challenge.

Many years ago as I looked back at an old family photo album I noticed that the only time I was smiling was when I had an animal in my arms or I was with a family pet…… was the only time I was truly happy

Later, as a horse owner and a student of Naturopathy, Vibrational Medicine and Metaphysics I was to develop a further interest in the amazing connection between animals and humans.

I noticed that when I was around my horses I felt relaxed, happy and gained an inner sense of completion but more importantly I became aware of a new trust in myself and an inner strength that I could only achieve while working with these beautiful animals

It was also a new way to walk my path in life……one that I could then help others with

Natural Horsemanship has been an amazing step forward for horse owners to feel this amazing potential for communicating with their equine friends.

Holistequine courses are designed for students to “go within” to further explore this connection by clearing our own channels by seeing the horse as a reflection of ourselves, and then once we have reached this new level of vibration we can go on to help others in the same manner.

Our work in Life Coaching and our research into interactive bio-energy fields started to answers questions as to what was happening and the results amazed us

We saw the positive effect horses had on humans and we developed an interactive system with a new awareness on people’s health and wellbeing.

We live in a society where to succeed the importance has been placed on our “intellect”, our logic and scholastic achievements but now as we look around us we see that people are not coping by using this left brain facility alone. People are not coping due to an imbalance or a void in emotional intelligence, a characteristic that cannot be “taught” through left brain channels

E.Q. or emotional intelligence is when we can apply our intellect successfully, when we can have harmonious relationships, feel good about ourselves and we can reach our potential

How Horses can help balance E.Q with I.Q.

Equine Assisted Life Coaching (E.A.L.C.) is a method of aligning mind/body/spirit and IQ with E.Q.

The horse can provide a feedback mechanism in our Life Coaching sessions because horses have their logic and their instincts balanced
The horse vibrates at a higher frequency which equates to a sense of serenity and calm unhurriedness.

Humans are often scattered by their emotions, which ultimately affect their self esteem, their ability to make decisions and to cope with life generally, whereas we see in the horse a quiet strength of mind and dogged determination……..the horse never questions who he is.

The horse has this trust and a belief in him self because he does not have an emotional component holding him back.

During a life coaching session the Holistequine Life Coaching horses bypass the human emotional centre and respond only to their client’s “energy field” therefore if they “see” a block in the client’s “aura” they respond accordingly……...

The horse sees so called “negative emotions” such as anger, frustration, guilt etc which is held in the body as “un-expressed energy”

My gelding made me aware of the way horse can “see’ human auras many years ago. He would snort and back away from some people while at other times he would happily walk up to others.

I later realised that his snorting and backing away was because he was “tuning into” what he perceived as human negative energy.
Over the years as I cleared my own blocks and refined my vibration I am now able to see what my horse sees………. his gift to me is that we have now understood and refined this “reaction” as a bio feedback tool and can now use it in many areas within E.A.L.C. As stated earlier, most problems that people experience are the result of poor emotional intelligence. These blocks are caused by long forgotten negative events buried within the subconscious mind and can often play out as low self esteem and lack of confidence.

When these emotions or feelings are not understood or are not able to be released they can become stifled or internalised
Unexpressed energy if not communicated to others in a healthy manner often causes anger, which more often than not is projected onto others or can result in unhappiness and possibly depression which is this same “energy” internalised

During the interactive exercises in the Life Coaching sessions our horse partner demonstrates to us when our thoughts, ideas and wishes are not congruent with how we act.
We all have dreams, expectations in life and want good thing to happen and if we don’t fulfil out goals we often cannot work out why.

To get our desired outcome we need to have our focus or desire aligned with our “will to do” or, our emotional intelligence aligned with our intellect.
For example if we wanted to make a chair (focus/ desire) we would first use our intelligence to “picture” this chair, design the chair, work out what tools we need etc, then we would need the energy/willpower to make it happen.
This “energy/will power to make it happen” or our will to do is our Spirit and is directly related to and includes our sense of self or our self esteem i.e. our emotional intelligence

“Intelligence” is not just a function of the mind; it includes gut intelligence, instincts and “a sense of knowing” from somewhere deep inside us.
The horse has perfected this combined intelligence over the course of his evolution as a survival mechanism and now through this Whole Body Intelligence system of life coaching he/she can show us how we too can accomplish this balance

A private life coaching session includes the client, the equine coach and a human practitioner/facilitator who has been trained to a higher level of “sensitivity” enabling them to intuit the higher communication from the horse

Case Study

A client recently presented for an interactive life coaching session. Peter is 25 years of age doing a Marketing degree at University.
The session starts with some very simple interactive exercises between client and horse (no riding is involved in these Life Coaching sessions).
Peter choses a horse he feels comfortable with, an older gelding he is ‘drawn to” (ponies and goats are equally as effective and contribute in this work)
However when asked to do a very simple task Peter’s horse Jed will not respond.
As we go through the exercises Peter has been asked to project “out” his thoughts and dreams for the future, to focus on his goals and what he wants to accomplish in life……still no response.
Because Jed, our horse life coach has not seen enough “energy” around Peter’s request he does not see Peter as strong, committed or as a leader in his field so, of course he does not respond.
Everything, including our thoughts and intentions are vibrations and if the energy surrounding Peter’s “vision” for his future is not powerful enough nothing will happen…………..and he will find exactly the same response when he goes out into the world
In other words, if the vibration or energy of the request is not equal to the vibration/energy of the “willpower to do”……our horse does not “see” any energy and therefore doesn’t respond……here is an example of “like attracts like” and if the vibration of the two are not the same ….nothing happens
Usually what happens next is frustration and anger as the client’s ego is wounded, Peter has seen this as rejection and has taken this lack of response from his horse personally
Because our work here involves bypassing the emotional body and dealing directly at the level of “programming” we do not need to dwell on past events
The human ego or energy field is affected by negative programming from the past which causes a “block” around “not being good enough”
In Peter’s case there was an “issue” which was subconsciously holding him back, an issue that had been buried since childhood. The particular horse Peter chose to work with is the patriarch of the herd, an older wise soul who carries a sense of “authority” and who carries the true masculine principals, a principal which is the vibration of unconditional love from Father.
To resolve this situation was simple. ………….. All Peter needed to do was to acknowledge the true masculine principals within himself
The issues around the “father figure” that were imprinted in Peter’s subconscious as a child are now reassessed by the adult in him and the old energy is released.
Feelings of anger and frustration have now been replaced with inner peace………. and more importantly, a new mindset of empowerment and inner strength to take out into the world.
Not surprisingly, because this new realisation has now altered Peter’s “whole body intelligence” (or energy field) it has changed him at a deeper energetic level which has also been validated by what we now see as a positive change in the horse’ response. …………now, while doing the same exercises Jed acknowledges Peter’s changed energy field and happily takes his lead.
By osmosis a healing has taken place
Most humans have had problems that have sat for years in the subconscious mind but when we come face to face with these beings of unconditional acceptance and love, they mirror back to us something that resonates deep with ourselves.
They recognise a real sense of “who we are” that we can then reach in and claim.
We also work with ponies in children’s programs and we have 3 mares who work as life coaches in empowerment issues for women.
These 3 mares represent the three ‘ages” of the feminine…….the Virgin, the Mother and the Wise Woman…………..they are horses that, through this process can open us up to our true sense of feminine Self worth.
We have found that because working with horses in this way is a transpersonal process anything that “comes through” or is intuited through the horse is absorbed more readily as truth

The reason many humans suffer constant pain and confusion is that deep in our subconscious we feel we are unworthy, and because of this misguided programming we have mostly cut of from the true essence of who we really are.
The horse sees straight through to our soul and looks into our powerful Spirit and can then reflect this purity back to us.
We see in the horse the grace and the powerful being that is our potential.

How Horses Empower Us

Anyone who has ever worked with a horse will know that just “asking’ or “wanting” him/her to do something is just not enough…..there must be a level of commitment, a level of determination, and in the case of the Holistequine horses, a level of vibration that resonates with “a purity of intention”,

This “level of energy” or “energy meter” is used as a bio-feedback tool (through our W.B.I. System) and has been incorporated into a wide range of social wellbeing and health issues, including bullying and parenting, leadership in corporate and sales, healthy relationships, wealth creation etc

The greatest gift from the horse is their ability to alter our consciousness and heighten our perception, a gift that allows us to live in the present moment

The Mayans did not see “ends or beginnings” they did not see 2010 as the end they only acknowledge a process of cycles for evolution into Oneness

Through the horses and the natural world we can reclaim our path in this Spiritual process and discover our inherent potential.

Horses reflect back to us our true essence…………..and mirror the courage, serenity, commitment, inner strength and the unconditional Love needed to vibrate heaven on earth

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As a Practitioner and a horse owner for many years the spiritual connection we have with our animal friends has always intrigued me and has led to the delevolment of a powerful new system and modality for healing the human spirit

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