The Age of Aquarius is seen by some as a time when the conjunction of the planet Uranus, ruler of the sign Aquarius and the coming age; with Pluto, ruler of the masses, brings radical change. The Aquarian Age has dawned, and its influence will gradually free humanity from the bondages of mind and spirit, which we have suffered for billions of years. The song announces the actual start of the age within the first lines "When the Moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars. Then peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars." This alignment happened on Feb. 14 2009, Valentine's Day. It is offering hope and assurance that frees the mind and spirit and allows it to soar to yet undreamed-of heights.

During the Piscean Age, our ignorance of our personal potential kept us from developing our creative abilities; our lack of self-esteem kept us dependent on others for approval; and our fear of the unknown kept us from wanting to explore new ideas or even associating with anyone who might have a different perspective on life than our own. We have been imprisoned through societal pressures to live outside of the truth that resonates within us.

In the Piscean Age, approval of authority was what gave us a sense of self-worth. We were bowing down to authority, agreeing with authority, and conforming to the laws created by authority. As humanity only had a physical vision in the Piscean Age, we based our judgments on externals. Thus, to get approval, we surrounded ourselves with rich material possessions, fill our minds with whatever was the most popular subject for social talk or gossip, and learned and conformed to all the customs and rules of etiquette. We did not even questioned the ultimate value of material possessions, social talk, or customs.

The Aquarian Age is assisting us to break out of the shell of ignorance, lack of self-esteem, and fear so that we can become, for the first time in history, truly free. As we become free to explore our own inner nature, the world around us will become self-actualized. In the Aquarian Age, it is not whom we associate with but what we can do ourselves that counts. Personal skills, wisdom, and character is what is valued. Everyone is considered capable living his or her passion and truth. We gain our own sense of self-worth through unconditional love for self. Each of us will grow in our awareness of our own divinity. Each of us will set our own goals for self-development and service. As we look at our own inner nature, soul qualities will begin to be valued. We will experience freedom and creativity.

We believe the Age of Aquarius is that time when humanity takes control of the Earth and its own destiny as its divine birthright. As such, humanity will become the "Essence of God". We believe that the keywords for The Age of Aquarius are enlightenment, freedom, creativity, hope, humanitarianism, idealism, awakening, philanthropy, universal love, and peace. The destiny of humanity in the Age of Aquarius is the revelation of truth and the expansion of consciousness. In the Aquarian Age, exploration, boldness, and courage will be aspired to. The Aquarian Age will be characterized by intellectual development. We will want reasons for our beliefs and will want, as much as possible, to acquire knowledge first-hand for ourselves.

In the Aquarian Age, we will all be expected to develop the Light within to guide our own lives. We can only learn to guide our lives if we are free to make our own choices and if we can see the consequences of our choices, and then learn from our experiences. Each of us when given freedom may make mistakes, but this is the only way to learn how to exercise choice and to grow. Only as we within a society grow will the society as a whole grow. In the Aquarian Age, we will develop love within our hearts, which will give each of us a truer source of guidance than rules ever did. The Piscean idea was that divine revelation could come only to a few. The Aquarian attitude is that all of us can awaken the Light within.

As a new Aquarian, we will judge our creations by our own standards, not by what others think. We will be guided by our inner vision, not by external praise or criticism. When we resonate with the world around us, we can learn to live in harmony with it. When we can resonate with Source Consciousness, we can understand the Divine Law and Plan and can understand what we need to do to move forward in the scheme of evolution. The Aquarian Age is an age of individual freedom and responsibility ~ we will learn to control and direct our own life.

We suggest if you want help navigating through the Aquarian Age, you should leave room for silence in your life; create a center in your life, involving a connection to Source; maintain a compassionate heart; connect with a community of like spirits in universal friendship; become more self-reliant; avoid being hypnotized by the "group trance"; take control of your everyday attitudes and let go of external events for your inner fulfillment and release the negatives of your world. In this way, we release materialism and superficiality and replace it with living and loving things. It is time for us to look at the world with the eyes of a child and co-create a Harmonic Utopia NOW.

Remember that everything is energy. Anything can be morphed, transformed, re-created in the moment, simply by shifting our vibrational reality.

Sending Love, Light and Life,
Erica and Dwaine

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