Have you noticed that “time” and your life are moving in an accelerated state of
experience? As the Earth entered the year 2009, it raised its spiral movement to a higher state of fluidity. Along with this upward movement, souls who were ready to take the next leap to a higher consciousness have also moved one step closer to Ascension.

What does Ascension really mean? Ascension is the movement to a new awakening, a new rebirth to a higher state of oneness and unity with all that IS love and Divine. Ascension is a process of evolution that has been part of our experience from the moment of our creation and existence.

From a physical perspective, ascension is known as mere “evolution” from one state of primal form to another. However, when we look deeper into the definition of evolution and add the dynamic of “spirit,” we recognize that our infinite growth does not only take place in the body form but truly comes from the spiritual essence of who we truly are.

Like little children who begin in kindergarten and grow in our learning and observation as we escalate to higher grades of learning, so, too, does the soul embark on a remembrance and reconnection to its divine nature. In truth, the soul is not learning something new…for, the soul has a matrix and umbilical that is infinitely connected to the Divine Source. As such, the matrix of our soul maintains an eternal memory of the essence of what it is. The human experience is simply that; an experience in the soul matrix that allows for the opportunity to reconnect to its original source…Divinity.

If this is so, why is it then, that humanity as a mass consciousness is not displaying the remembrance of its true source? Why is it that our Mother Earth is still experiencing disharmony and separation, wars and suffering? Our Earth is reflecting the very image that souls are mirroring in their hearts. If we believe in separation, we will create it. If we feed disharmony, we will create it. If we participate in wars and succumb to suffering, we will experience it. Why? Because we are divine creators.

We are moving through a climatic time of rising consciousness. The universe does not possess any judgment or bias in the collective creation. The universe can only follow our commandments of creation because we are creators! The universe must abide by our creative commands whether we know we are creating or not!

Become awake then to your conscious creations! Recognize that your divine energy has power to help heal and raise the human collective energy. Take an observation of all that is manifesting in your world and then take notice of the energy that you have invested in creating those manifestations---consciously or unconsciously. Once you take an inventory, do not have regrets. Simply make another choice. Make the highest choice.

Step into the realm of accelerated consciousness. Create and send out divine energy of love, of compassion, of unity and of awakening to the universe and to all the aspects of YOU that are part of the Collective Creation of the Omega God/Goddess.

Author's Bio: 

Blanca Greenberg wears many hats in the spiritual arena. She is a Consultant in Natural Health, a Spiritual Counselor and Reiki Master. She founded the Spiritual Path Holistic Center and has a privite practice where she offers a complete regimen of mind, body and spiritual healing. Blanca has also authored four spiritual growth books. To view her website, please visit: http://spiritascend.com