There are many people with the highest degrees from the best schools that are still working dead end jobs. Being well educated or emersing yourself in information does not lead to success. Don't get me wrong, education, information and learning about a subject are VERY important. However, they are not the most important aspects of your success.

So what is it? What is the one thing that will determine your path to success?

It’s summed up in one word…..ACTION!

I like to keep things REALLY SIMPLE, because I’ve found that if something is complicated, it’s not being done correctly. Life, success, and creating a reality that exceeds your dreams are all simple, if you follow these simple steps.

We’re going to use the A,B,C method from now on to break down everything you want to achieve into small, manageable steps. Here is the A,B,C method in simple terms.

A = Action

B = Belief

C = Consistency

If you combine these 3 elements, you’re guaranteed to find success in what you want to achieve. So now I’d like to break down these 3 elements a bit to explain exactly what I mean by each one.

These points are the foundation of this guide and must be the basis of each and every thing that you want to acheive from this moment on.

Action – Taking action is the point in time where you stop trying. It’s the very moment when you realize that “Trying” doesn’t exist. You simply can’t “Try” to do anything. You either are…..or you’re not.

To make this point I’d like you right now, to take a pen and place it in front of you and try to pick it up…..Go ahead and try.

Now, did you pick it up? Yes? Then you didn’t try, you did it. Place it down again, and try again. You’ll quickly see that you either are…or you’re not, picking up the pen.

The same goes with “Trying” to do anything.

People say it all the time….”I’m trying to lose weight” – “I’m trying to quit smoking” – “I’m trying this….I’m trying to do that….” It’s a habit that has been formed over time. The reality is, if you say that you’re “Trying” to do something, you don’t have the second critical element of success that we’re going to talk about next.

Belief – Belief in yourself, belief that you WILL accomplish your goal, belief that you, and you alone, are responsible for your own success and your own failure. You must believe that you are the person who creates your life. It’s YOUR design, and it’s YOUR responsibility to make it the life that exceeds your dreams.

Once you take action, you must believe that you are going to do what you set out to do. The best way to do that is through an EXCLAMATION. When you tell others what you are going to do, you set a standard for yourself and make yourself accountable. You’ll find that when you begin to make exclamations of your actions, your holding yourself to a higher standard.

So, for instance, the person that says “I’m trying to lose weight” does not have the belief they need to ultimately succeed. They have given themselves an out. And if they ultimately fail to complete their goal, it’s okay, because they said they were just “Trying.” They never actually said they were going to do it. Right?

However, let’s look at the statement again. “I am going to lose weight.” It an exclamation of a specific action and it comes through with conviction and a sense of belief that they are going to accomplish what they say they are going to do.

Now, can that person also fail to accomplish what they said they were going to do? Yes, if they don’t apply the third critical element of success…..

Consistency – I truly believe that this is the most difficult of the 3 elements. It’s the word that causes most people to fail. But it’s also the word that can be the most powerful of the 3 critical elements of success.

Consistency, is the act of doing a specific action over and over again. You’ll see that the word “action” exists within this definition. So if someone consistently follows through on the declared action “I am going to lose weight” then they MUST succeed. It’s only until they break the cycle of consistency that they can indeed fail.

I hope this gives you a simple A, B, C, method for accomplishing what you want in life. For more great tips and to receive this information automatically, please sign up for our FREE e course at .

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