The first step to getting rich is to want to be rich! Now I don’t just mean hoping or wishing you could be rich. I mean wanting with an intensely burning desire, and not only that, choosing to believe your want is not a mindless daydream or foolish fancy.

The second step is to allow your burning desire to galvanize you into taking the purposeful action that’s necessary to make your dream a reality. When? That’s a great question to ask because without a specific deadline you could easily get side-tracked and never arrive.

So, the third step is to set a written, realistic monetary goal for yourself with a deadline or estimated time of arrival. Example:


By (insert date) I have $........................(insert a significant but realistic sum of money) in my Savings Account.”


The burning question to ask yourself now is:

“What did I do to acquire all this money?”

The short answer is to fall asleep thinking aboutit.

In effect, you will be handing the problem over to the incredible power of your own subconscious mind, and asking it to find the answer for you!

Trust that the answer will come to you. Perhaps, when you least expect it?

It may be a Eureka-like flash that just pops into your mind. Or, it may come in the night while you are sleeping and be powerful enough to awaken you.

Beware! Such moments are fleeting!

Unless you keep a pad and pen by your bedside and capture your inspirational flash the moment it comes to you, it’s almost certain you will not be able to recall it later.

Once I got my big money-making idea and captured it on paper, I used the following 7 step formula to launch my business on a shoestring. It was a local service business. They are the easiest to start and require the least amount of capital. Just 14 years later at age 39 I sold out and retired rich.

Here’s My Simple 7-Step Formula:

1. Develop a burning desire to become rich by a certain date.
2. Choose to absolutely believe in yourself and in your dream.
3. Set goals and allow your drive and ambition to spur you on.
4. Create a step-by-step action plan and really work that plan.
5. Make success so real in your mind you can see it and feel it.
6. Do at least three things each day to help you reach your goal.
7. Act as if success is inevitable and failure is impossible!

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