I cannot count the amount of times I have been asked on customer service training courses by customer service agents, “how am I going to make a difference? I am just doing my job, management do not even notice”. The fact is that you do make a difference; you are the voice of the company you represent. Although for many staff your role in customer service may be a means to an end for you until you finish writing your book or saving for a house. But the truth is you have chosen this role because you care.

I know that it can be difficult to keep upbeat and energised throughout your month, week or day but even though you do not know the customer, excellent customer service shown by you will make a difference in their lives for that day, week or month

Through customer service training courses and by working on the field i realise that as customer service provider you may have a wave of different emotions throughout your workday, such as

1. The Brush Off. When you say “sorry but that is not my problem” or “I will just put you on hold” either you take ages getting back to them or worse still forgetting about them. As drastic as this sounds I assure you, we have all seen many examples of this throughout our daily lives.
• It is your responsibility to respond appropriately and effectively so that the customer can get the answers they need to get, and your job is to help them get there as effectively and efficiently as you can.
2. Coldness. You find yourself saying “what do they expect any way I am not paid to be the life and soul of a party I am just here to do a job.
There is no need to be cold. A little warmth goes a long way. Simply tell them that you have heard them, will help them and that you understand. You must always remember the person you are dealing with is someone’s mother, father, sister or grandparent.
3. Condescending. You have told them straight out that you have already told them 3 times.
• Remember that people are people and should be treated with respect as they have come to you looking for help; they are putting their trust and time in your hands. Remind them that they are more than a number on the screen. They are top of your priority list
4. Robot Attitude. I have heard one I have heard them all.this would be the most popular trait found on customer service training courses.
• Remind yourself that each call is a new person, with a new query, remember that you are some one that is there to help some one else. Even though you may have heard the exact same question 20 times that day, it s only the first time they have asked it.

5. Rule Book. You remind the customer that you have already told them that it is not in your policy. Full stop.
• Customers are not silly and they realise that at times you may be dealing with policies that are beyond your control. However this does not meant that the customer service representative should throw the book at them but rather tell the customer what they can do and what the benefits would be. Most customer service representatives tell the customer what they can’t do as opposed to what they can do

Over time i know through customer service training courses that the can not do attitude will leave you and your customer tiresome and miserable with neither being satisfied. This will leave you unhappy and stressed in the long run. Hopefully the reason that you are in a customer service role is because you care so now all you need is the necessary skills to help you develop your customer skill base, which will consequently allow for better satisfied, loyal customers.

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As author of call centre best practices and also a highly skilled practitioner for running effective customer service training courses Frank O’Toole from Premier Training Courses has helped numerous customer service representatives achieve standards of excellence when dealing with customers. Get in touch today for further informaton on customer service training