Quantum physics has shown us that everything consists of energy. Your physical body and even your thoughts and feelings consist of energy and are measurable.

Therefore, the condition of your energy creates an ebb and flow in your physical, mental and emotional states and sometimes gets blocked altogether.

Spiritual energy healing uses many different techniques to create balance and release blockages in energy flow. Pain and “dis-ease” are symptoms of spiritual and energetic imbalances.

Though spiritual energy healing is not based on any particular religion many healers use prayer to help focus spiritual energy and for guidance from God/ the divine/ the universal source.

Spiritual energy healing is not a magic wand or “cure-all”. Although healing can be instant it often emerges and evolves over time.

After all, it didn't take an instant for you to reach the point you're at now and you may not instantly be “all better” immediately after a healing session. It can be a process.

Healings can promote a state of total relaxation and provide greater energy. They can also detoxify and balance the body on all levels.

However, you need to remember that nothing is a replacement for proper medical treatment!

These three secrets are actually the keys to successful healing:

The first key is to “Surrender”
In this case the definition of surrender is accepting what “is” now instead of trying to control it. You have to let go of the need to control things and, instead, allow things to be as they are and allow healing to move through at ti's own pace.

Control encompasses an element of resistance which is a major block to allowing energy to shift and move towards healing.

The second key is to “Expect”

Your expectations determine much of what happens in your life... it is one of life's universal laws. It has received a lot of attention lately and is known as the “law of attraction”.

How often do you find that you get exactly what you expect? It's time to use this to your advantage! Expectation focuses energy to create the circumstances that will fulfill it.

If you really want to heal you need to expect perfect healing and start planning for it. You could also describe this expectation as faith that you will be healed.
Make no mistake, it can be a lot of work to correct and direct your thought processes to follow this path!

The third key is Gratitude

It is another universal law that when you take the time on a regular basis to express gratitude for the blessings in your life that your blessings are multiplied.

Gratitude or appreciation, like expectation and faith, are key to manifesting anything, including healing, in your life.
So each day make sure you take the time to celebrate and appreciate the good things that you have received as well as those that are on the way!

The one thing that most people do wrong when it comes to spiritual energy healing is to not take responsibility for themselves.

When something is “wrong” they place the blame on God or elsewhere. “Why did you do this to me?” “Why did this happen to me?”

We need to accept responsibility for where we are in the present moment.

This doesn't mean feeling guilty or blaming ourselves. It means acknowledging that we play a major role in where we are at now and in where we will be in the future.

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