Today as throughout the history of mankind people place such importance in the way they look to others and how they are perceived in the external world we call the Earth. The acceptance by others in this physical plane of existence appears foremost in our relationship with and to the world. How did we get to this point in this relationship? Well I will tell you. First there are two important players at work here with both relying on each other for their very existence. There is the physical being or our human body and the second but the more important of the two I refer to as "The You".

First, I want to reference "The You" and what it is specifically and why is it so important. First "The You" is not the physical aspects such as the color of your hair, shape of your nose or body size but the unique spiritual energy we refer to it as your spirit, your soul or essence. For our practical and reference purposes here I will refer to it as the essence. The essence is unseen to the physical world but at the point of conception completes or fills the void existing between the spiritual and physical world. It is you and what provides the drive and control of the human body throughout the processes of birth, life and death. This essence always exists continuing through past and future stages of our universe existence.

I believe our essence is created by a higher power. As such our essence exists for the express purpose of gathering learning experiences, personal growth and once completed provides for the future acceptance into the higher planes of metaphysical existence. We might for as a reference consider a pyramid as a physical example of our essence. A pyramid consists of myriad of building blocks of different sizes and shapes. These blocks I believe represent the aspects of our learning, our accomplishments and experiences we have garnered over our visits into the physical world. For those on continued journeys one might observe just a base of the pyramid, for others we might find a rather completed pyramid with only a couple of blocks missing. For those essences whose pyramid has been completed, they have move onward into a higher plane of existence.

I would like to further discuss "The You" in more detail. As discussed above "The You" or essence is attached to the physical body in the physical world. This attachment is a necessity in order for the essence to complete its predestined mission. However, there are roadblocks and stumbling points along the way. In the physical world the essence is affected by those other essence around it and provide both a positive or negative effect.

We all exist surrounded by others such as parents, friends and acquaintances. We learn from religion teachings and from teachers in various levels of education which helps us form opinions and directions in life. All of these people and experiences provide to us a platform in which to accomplish and grow, allowing us to practice one of the greatest gifts of all, self-determination. However, as with all interactions these acquaintances and experiences which are both good and bad expose us to molding and modeling. Changing us both externally and internally just like a piece of clay. I believe however, as people approach their later years, find they are unhappy with what they see in the reflective mirror. They question their existence and purposes and realize they have not accomplished their essence goals and seek what lies deep inside. Deeper than their subconscious and only accessed through continued meditation, dreams and even hypnosis. These tools assist in connecting people with their essence mission in this life cycle.

In future, related articles I will further discuss other pertinent issues which affect our essence such as the noise of life and its affect on mental health. I will report on communicative world excesses and how at any age one can direct themselves to reconnect with their "The You" and the mission of their current journey on this Earth. Hypnosis and how hypnosis can establish a connection to and a better understanding of one's essence.

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The author has published a number of self-help articles centered on the individual and betterment of their life. Articles designed to provide the reader a better understanding of themselves and their personality. Other author writings concern business and business financial matters dabbled in fiction works centered on spirituality and personal redemption of the human soul.

Previous writings over the years centered on internal business operating procedures and accounting principles.