The cause behind the possibility of a 3rd world war wherein guns were pressed on each others’ heads was rule by certain classes. For how long did it continue? This question is pointless. But what took place was that a few powerful groups usurped large chunks of land and started arrogantly ruling over its weak minded indwellers. In short this is government system. Right since Adam’s Era up till now with a few changes this is what is going on.

A certain group of rulers of the above type threw 2 bombs on Japan and forced them to surrender. This method of rule is venomous and as long as it lasts wars will continue to be fought. Today the worry is more because there is a possibility of nuclear warfare. Even if this is warded off there are other means that can lead to war. This because at the root of wars is powerful groups ruling and harassing weak subjects. It is on this basis that borders of various countries were etched. If this were not the case the partitioning would have merely been geographic. In that there would be one special quality that the downtrodden would have ruled. The talented class would have helped these downtrodden to get uplifted in an all round manner. Powerful people are less and weak are more. Hence in order to reform and sanctify the majority the responsibility has to be shouldered by progressive people. But where does one see all this? A group of few powerful people with the force of their intellect, rule, knowledge and wealth amass land everywhere and ask people to live as per their dictate. This is nothing but jungle law. The saying that ‘the bull is his who has a stick’ is being actually seen everywhere. The root cause of strife is the partitioning of various nations and a few potent groups bossing over it as rulers. This is nothing but snatching and grabbing of land. The more one is powerful the more one succeeds in instilling fear in others and thus emerges dictatorship.

Right since ancient times this is what is happening. The more one had dacoit groups the more neighboring areas were attacked and land, wealth etc was forcefully grabbed. Today the ways have changed. Today fights are not so open. Over it is the covering of principles. Yet the fact is one that powerful people want to boss over neighboring or far off countries so that the latter can be oppressed and one can greedily amass more power.

The borders of countries have become such that it appears natural. Those who have grabbed it seem just rulers of that nation. But if we deeply analyze on the basis of justice and aptness the story is totally different. Where is equality seen on earth where its children were born? Where does one see the prosperous people sharing their material comforts with less fortunate class of men? If this were to happen where would there be a need of few powerful groups usurping land and rule over it like dictators? The world’s land would be looked upon as belonging to God and in every area each one would benefit equally. In the name of nations there would not be borders Even if borders were penned its cause would not be partitioning but would have been an easy geographical solution for traveling etc.

Petrol and oil seem to be majority in Middle East Arab countries. A few Arabs own it but since land belongs to everyone that natural wealth should benefit everybody. A lot of land in America and Africa lies bare. Since China and India are over populated, they require more land. This world should be a peaceful family and its land should belong to all. Everyone should benefit equally from its production. Crime commences when indwellers of a certain area start lording over it and whatever is produced there (oil, ores, petrol etc) is usurped by them.

The worst thing about crime is that the mighty cannot tolerate the weak. As a result everyone tries to become more powerful and the smaller ones get crushed in the mean time. Small or big wars have taken place due to this trend and if this continues no end can be sighted.

In my previous writings I had tried to show that as of now war can be warded off. I predict with emphasis that definitely war will not take place. Missiles of one country aiming at its enemy nation will stop functioning. But what will happen as a result? Wars are not always fought using guns. The real war is economy and finance based. A different type of war can manifest. One can get shattered in a different manner. Then where is the solution?

Now the solution will not be got by check mate but with one blow. Not only will nuclear war stop but that borders of nations will disappear and those who usurp land and lord over it will not be allowed to do so in future. At that time the countries seen today on the world map will no longer be seen. A World Nation will be born and even if borders are designed it will only be for easy transport, governance and wholesome industrialization.

This might appear impossible for those who think and hear all this. Why would America give up its land and why would Russia become lax with its friends? Why would China partition the land it owns? Why would oil producing countries share their production with others? There is a possibility that no one will voluntarily do all this. This is true especially the developed and advanced nations. Who listens to the voice of poor people there? Where do the poor have any power to enforce re-bordering the world? Today’s circumstances show that change along the lines of what is being written here seems impossible. It is not necessary that what man thinks just now definitely will happen in future. In recent times tremendous changes have taken place as far as various nations’ geographical, financial and intellectual condition is concerned. One will only be amazed on noting it. What is the difference seen after the 1st world war and 2nd world war? If one notes this from the standpoint of economic and politics a wondrous change has taken place in the world. They are so amazing that people at that time would not even have envisaged it. If one delves deep into the times of Hitler’s rise and fall it will be clear that in that short time span a lot of changes took place in Europe which none had imagined previously.

Wars will be stopped hook line and sinker. For minor problems like atomic bombing be stopped and that chemical warfare comes to an end why should Divine Energies intervene? All this could have even been done by man’s gross intellect. If today God intervenes so as to stop wars he will also have to see to it that their root cause which is borders between all nations be deleted once and for all. In future the earth’s map will remain the same but in it those big small countries seen will no longer exist. Since long people have dreamt of a single world nation. People have so far only imagined about ‘this world united peacefully as a family’ but henceforth make no mistake this will actually be realized in the near future.

Amongst the powerful class there is only one and that is the backward class. This class from the standpoint of knowledge, means, experience and education lags behind. This class forms the majority in world society. Hence their say should mean a lot. Those who are wealthy and intelligent are small in number yet they are very powerful. Elderly people look after small children. From this standpoint so called elderly will have to think in a new way. They will have to look after the world public which although large in number is small as far as power is concerned. This is like elderly people looking after many children and rendering them capable. They will have to renounce the policy of benefitting from others’ weakness.

Divine acts are called miracles. In very dark gloom one wonders from where it ushers in the hot ball of the sun. Since we daily view this it is not considered a miracle. Yet it is a miracle. One wonders from where clouds appear in the sky and one wonders how it pours as rain in jungles to render them lush green. This is very much mindboggling. If knives waved during a totally destructive war are withdrawn without it being fought then understanding should accept that the borders of various countries from the standpoint of cause and effect are very unnatural and least beneficial. Hence these borders must be wiped off eternally. This change will not take place from the standpoint of which class is more powerful and how much of flesh it digs up. In fact it will take place from the standpoint that ultimately all of mankind has to dwell on this very planet earth that too peacefully. He has to live for very long. If this is true then instead of chaos everyday it is best that we sit down so as to think in a serene manner and decide what is apt and what is not. Over here we must remember that not mere brawn but true wisdom will prevail.

Man will no longer be partitioned. He will not belong to one particular caste, sect etc. Similarly borders will not be created on the basis of who out of sheer muscle/money power has taken possession of a particular region. It is no point lamenting over past history. Ancient has to be neo created. When this earth was formed and mankind was born there was no country, caste, community, race etc to categorize it. Based on needs many could travel anywhere in the world without passport/visa etc. Wherever he found means useful for sustenance of life there he resided. Man’s habit is to gather and not waste. Hence he created families, villages, towns etc. But today things are so problematic that we cannot live together and share things. Those who try to gather face envy and ultimately reap losses. Those who have more are more loved by God, he is more meritorious and of good fate; this alas does not hold true today.

Things are well nigh difficult. It is difficult to stop agitation. Those who believe that these difficulties shall be warded off must harbor one more faith that the world will be mapped newly and new world governance will come into being. This old body has become quite withered. It has been tattered. It will not be enough to sew it. It belongs to a very small world. It is not of 3 years but of 23 years. Hence it will have to be transformed in totality. We will force various government heads to think in a new way and stop all talks of waging wars. Steps taken in this direction must be withdrawn. Knives must return to their boxes. Along with this we will force great thinkers to realize that they proclaim today’s world group as inapt and tell everyone that the old is dead and that in its place the new will be reinstated based on contemporary circumstances. One world-one nation will not just remain a principle. On its basis in fact programs will be designed and a single world, language, religion and culture will be born. Disparity based on caste, sects and wealth will end from its very roots. Whatever has to be done for this, will be done successfully by thinking and enterprising world leaders. Hence such upheaval will be seen in world thinking that what is lopsided will be straightened.

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