“The most powerful person in World History has already taken birth. He will change the entire face of the world very quickly. A knowledge revolution is in the offing and will engulf the entire world.”


When Russia created a base in Cuba, by establishing nuclear missiles over there, an intense reaction was seen in America in 1962 A.D. There was a time when both countries got ready to wage a war. On the one hand Russia’s army, navy etc. headed for Cuba and at the other end, America was getting ready for a war with the help of destructive weapons, atomic bombs etc. What remained was that the switch of war had to be pressed for the war to commence.

At that time French leaders asked the famous French prophesizer Jules Berne – “Who will win this war?” Berne replied – “No one because Russia will pull out and thus no war will ensue.”

As usual no one believed Berne at that time but when later a radio station announced that – “Russia has pulled out and that there is no war,” everyone was amazed. Thus they agreed and praised Bernes’ prophecy.

Dr. Jules Berne was a famous writer. Despite this he gained fame mainly as a prophesizer. He was given international recognition along with other stalwarts like Dixon, Anderson, Cheiro etc. Some of his prophecies were so correct that it seemed as though he himself had designed those events that came true! Ten years in advance, Jules Berne predicted that a space craft manned by a human being will land on Moon in 1969 A.D. Today we know that his prophecy was cent percent true. He further said that Japan will take over Manchuria and Italy will take over Albania and Ethiopia. No one believed Bernes. When between 1939 to 1942 A.D. all the above events did occur, people were forced to believe him. Once Hitler’s army had taken over Denmark, Belgium and Luxemburg, so people asked Bernes – “Will Hitler defeat France too?” Jules Bernes replied – “On June 20, 1940 A.D., France will accept defeat.” Well Bernes’ Prophecy did come true albeit 2 days later i.e. on June 22, 1940.

“China will make an atom bomb. Fiery turbulence will manifest in the Middle East and a greater portion of Arab countries will be taken over by Israel.” This prophecy of Bernes too came true. These prophecies resulted in major leaders of France and Europe not taking any risky decisions until they got astrological guidance from famous astrologers. Lord Mountbatten had accepted that an invisible cosmic power is intelligently working in the cosmos. Man does not understand the plans of this power. Only rare men with subtle intuition can understand God’s design. There are cosmic events that destroy man’s arrogance and guide him to walk towards truth.

There is a very interesting chain of Jules Bernes’ prophecies. Many of them came true and many were about to be proved correct. For e.g. Jules Bernes said – “Within the year 1990 A.D., the smoke emanating from factories and urban areas of the entire world will be so intense, that 80% air pollution will be recorded. Man’s body will be tied to an oxygen machine which will weigh a little less than human weight. It is not as though world humanity will die due to air pollution, yet its state will be akin to a half-mad person. Diseases will be on the rise, enterprise will decline, wrath and hatred will be directed at technological culture and races of Europe etc. will turn towards spiritual nations like India for true guidance. People will dress, eat and live like Indians. The white race (Western countries) will be so enchanted by Indian spirituality and culture that by 2000 A.D., major countries of the world will see temples of Hindu Gods and Goddesses being built in their lands. World humanity will visit these temples and experience the joy of worship and singing prayers to God, based on Indian culture. I can see photographs of Indian Gods etc. in the homes of Europeans.”

”Even if China makes an atomic bomb, it will not become the leading nation of Asia. For a long time it will harbour enmity towards India. India will regain a portion of its land form China. Tibet too will become free and it is possible that it will merge with India. A portion of Pakistan will be taken over by Afghanistan and a little bit will be taken by India. ”

“After man lands on moon, he will search other planets too. By 1985 A.D. all information related to the solar system, including Pluto, will be collected. Space crafts carrying human beings will reach either Venus or Mars or both and return safely to earth. Man will master gravity and energy more powerful than nuclear energy will be discovered. Certain materials, books, gold coins etc. will be unearthed from a most ancient mountain of Earth (maybe Himalayas of India) which will change the history of Pre-Christ Era. Not only this, but that this snow clad mountain area will become so powerful that even if Russia, America, Britain etc. unite and confront this mountainous region, they will fail miserably. From a particular area of this region will manifest a mysterious individual. He will become the most powerful person in the annals of eternal world history. All his injunctions will be followed by world humanity. Within the year 2050 A.D. these injunctions will help unite all nations of the world under one flag i.e. a single universal nation will come into being.”

“Between the years 1970 to 1980 A.D. great natural calamities will occur like floods, plane crashes, earthquakes, famines etc. A major portion of Turkey will be destroyed due to earthquakes. There will be in fighting amongst Arabs and thus Israel will benefit. Sea storms will be on the rise and an ocean devastation could occur. Sea shore areas and islands will be destroyed. Some new islands may emerge along with a powerful race. Vaults of jewels will be found on these islands which will augment the finance of that race.”

“Uptil 2000 A.D. the world population will be about 640 crores. A major portion of it will reside in America, Asia. Definitely nuclear warfare will not take place yet communal violence may take over. On the one hand there will be agitations and on the other hand, a new spiritual revolution will arise which will unfold new mysteries of God and the soul. Science will prove these mysteries to be true. Thus atheism and the Vaam path will be destroyed. It will be replaced by faith, justice, ethics, discipline and a sense of dutifulness. These changes will become the foundation stones of World Peace.

When Jules Berne was asked as to where this transformation will originate and that who will direct it, he replied – “ I have a premonition that this spiritual revolution will originate in India and regarding who will direct it, I differ with Jean Dixon. This person has already taken birth i.e. before 1962 A.D. Presently he is involved in a major task in India. He may even participate in the freedom movement in India and his followers are many. His followers will form a powerful organization and in a short time span will influence the entire world. With the help of their soul force they will easily succeed in executing tasks that were otherwise impossible to execute.

Bernes’ above philosophy was published on 4th April in Nav Bharat Times newspaper. He proclaims that the desire to know the future is proof of the immortal nature of the soul. It is a fact because the body never ever thinks that it is immortal. The body is perishable but the soul is immortal. Hence our desire to know the future is manifold compared to our desire to know the past. If man conjoins his intelligence, understanding and effort to these prophecies, he can change not only his own future, but that of the entire world so as to manifest radiance. When these tasks are not executed by ordinary human beings, great souls along with their aides appear on earth and create a world as per God’s wish. Jules Bernes believes that history is about to repeat itself and hence none can obstruct Era Transformation.

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