Over the years, we evolved from monkeys to how we look today. And now, with the thinking capacity our advanced brains possess, we are coming up with procedures and techniques to alter ourselves in ways that are perceived to be more attractive, confident, and appealing. It is the sad truth that there exists an “ideal” way to look - not too thin, not too fat, not too dark, not too fair, clear skin, younger-looking skin… you can keep digging! Sure we talk about acceptance, sure we talk about empowering those who feel insecure and there is no denying of the fact that we do have some malpractices. The revolution will take time to come, but meanwhile, we cannot just leave those with insecurities and lack of confidence to succumb to societal pressures.

Now, this is precisely why there is a surge in the number of skin clinics and dermatology has become a highly researched stream of medicine. Our skin is the largest organ and an outer protective layer of our body. With the way we are progressing, our unhealthy lifestyles, exposure to unnatural chemicals, and of course sometimes genetics, skin problems are also becoming increasingly common. Acne, wrinkles, tanning, discoloring almost all of us face these, although, to different extents. We can’t let these pull us down! Here comes into action, the job of skin specialists and dermatologists.

Let us see our options:

Skin qualities vary and so does the reaction every skin experiences. Acne is not the same for everyone, some have tiny pimples in clusters, while some might have big, painful ones scattered on the face, some might leave scars behind while some leave as if nothing ever happened. This is where the treatment changes. Application of skincare products, chemical peels, or oral medication works well when mild, but for extreme acne and scars techniques like micro-needling and laser need to be adopted. Similarly, micro-needling and chemical peels also help with pigmentation along with treatments like injections, PRP therapy, and skincare routines.

We have all gotten pretty busy and lack of sleep gives us panda eyes. To treat these, are available orally consumed medicines, eternal applicators, peel-offs, and procedures like fillers and Botox.

Speaking of Botox, this is the most common treatment for the aging population. Looking young forever is what we all wish for. Looking young equals to feeling young and feeling young means high energy and great confidence. To eliminate wrinkles and sagging skin, dermatologists have implemented more surgical and non-surgical methods. Unconventional methods with the latest technology consist of dermal fillers and facelifts.

Dermatologists don’t just deal with skin, there are treatments and solutions for hair and nail problems as well. Mostly the problem for women is “having hair” on the skin (not the scalp, that is the required stuff). Many have replaced waxing and shaving with getting hair removed from the body in one shot, via laser treatments.

Oh my God, that’s a lot of options! There is a solution to literally any problem you might be encountering.

Shifting our focus to Mumbai, the city of Bollywood, the city of glamour, the city of dreams, this is one of the most populated cities of India and every individual here faces tremendous competition. Whether preparing for an audition or an interview everyone wants to look their best and set the perfect impression. To deal with such competitiveness, losing a chance for those few scars from the acne in your puberty… not worth it. A skin clinic in Mumbai has become as important as a vada pav stall. Before you enter that spa or salon providing similar services, make sure you are in the hands of an expert; or else simply google ‘best dermatologist in Mumbai’ or ‘best skin specialist in Mumbai’ and without hesitation make your way to them. Get yourself the confidence and eliminate all your insecurities. People’s mindsets will take their own sweet time to change, meanwhile, you go ace it out there!

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