The world best Mac media player has been developed recently. Undoubtedly, it is the earth-shattering news for the movie zealot and the Mac users. Probably, you have annoyed with which your Mac cannot support piles of your Blu-ray discs and Blu-ray ISO files. However, this problem will be solved merely with installing a software program: Mac Blu-ray player(

Outstanding features:
Almost supporting all the media formats, you can use this all-in-one software to play all the audio and video files stored in your computer. You also don’t need to worry about that Apple Inc. fails to ship with Blu-ray. Once this software is in hand you can ignore this inconvenience and indulge yourself in the comfort when you enjoy the HD videos.

To support the Blu-ray discs on Mac also exists as the most outstanding feature of Mac Blu-ray player. All you need is just an external Blu-ray disc drive and a smooth networking environment. Insert the disc, operate according to the guidelines and the software will connect to our server to decode the Blu-ray disc. As for the Blu-ray ISO files, what you need to do is to choose the files and watch them by clicking “Open File” shows on the interface of the software.

Moreover the 2.x serial versions add a new function to the software. The users can also enjoy the HD movies by iPhone, iPod and iTouch – these mobile devices, which can provide you a visual enjoyment whenever and wherever.

User friendly design
You can deal with this most advanced software by a few simple moves. All the tutorials display on our website.
The wholehearted software also considers that users need to share their points of view when they are watching an amazing movie. Thus, you can find there will be a “share” button in the centre of the interface. Submit your comments and post it onto Facebook or Twitter which fully satisfied with the need of the social zealot.

The de-interlacing function is another highlight of this software. You can use this function when you record some interlacing VCR by yourself. There are 8 degrees for you to choose. The higher level you choose, the better quality the video will be, meanwhile, the more space of the CPU will be occupied. Most of the time, you needn’t to use the highest level, just selecting the “Deinterlace” option.

All in all, the world best media player will definitely take you to a tour to an amazing world of HD movie experience. Just get ready for it.

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Know about our company:Founded in 2005,we dedicated ourselves to developing video conversion.During the past few years, we have developed many kinds of video conversions which can be used in the different devices. Many new features were developed by us according to the user experience, for instance, joy share, playback position recording and resuming etc. Through the hard work of all the members in our team, Mac Blu-ray player, the crystal of all our staff ,is the latest, most advanced and unique video player which can play Blu-ray discs on your Mac and will definitely give you a unique visial experience when you are enjoying your Blu-disc.(