Mediumship can teach us to see and understand things which we cannot see, feel, touch, hear or taste. It teaches us that there are essentially other senses that we can tap into and use to understand our world, our feelings, and the way we react to things. Sometimes we have not got a clue why we get frightened when we see a lizard, or why we are nauseated when we smell certain smells. Sometimes the things that created these responses in us happened to us so long ago that we have blocked them from our memory as if they never occurred.
Mediumship can teach us how to get past the feelings we have and how to deal with our insecurities. If we understand what caused us to feel insecure about certain things then we can learn to overcome these feelings and put them behind us. We can become more confident and less needy, and we can become happier.
Mediumship can teach us to accept our faults and try to understand that we are not perfect now, we were not perfect in the past, and we will more than likely not be perfect in the future, but that is okay. Mediumship can help us to love ourselves enough to understand that not being perfect does not make us bad it makes us human, to not love and accept ourselves makes us bad.
Mediumship can teach us to let go of things in the past and this includes the painful memories of loved ones that have died. We can get in touch with these loved ones and come to understand that they are on a new journey now and that they are fine. Our feelings of grief and misery over their passing may be stopping them from moving on in the journey they need to make. After we understand all of this we can move on and enjoy the good memories of that person and honor the lives they shared here with us during the time we had together.
Mediumship can teach us the paths we have chosen in our careers and in our personal lives may be the right paths and then again they can teach us that we may need to make some changes in order for us to reach our full potential and realize the success that the universe has for us.
Mediumship can teach us love and understanding for ourselves and for others. We can learn to do the things that are needed so that we can live the existence that was our destiny. This can teach us that the decisions we have to make are not decisions that you have to make alone, you have guardians and angels to help you on your way.

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