In this 90-day personal decluttering journey, I’ll share before and after pictures with a few videos sprinkled in when the spirit moves me. Yes, you’ll see the messes–and I do mean messes including vitamin clutter, overfull book cases, stuffed closets, and my disorganized pantry. I will go room to room, closet to closet, drawer to drawer, and cabinet to cabinet. I’ll clean out everything that is behind closed doors and drawers.

I may post several times a day or skip several days. Instead of adding self-criticism to an already big project, I’m going to stay tuned into my inner guidance to make this a positive rather than guilt-driven experience. But when I do experience self-criticism despite my best efforts, I’ll share how I handle that too.

And here’s the hardest part, before moving on to the next room (I love to start things and have a hard time finishing), I’ll finish things in each room that have been unfinished for years like making the shower curtain and finishing the curtains in my bedroom. I’ll also change out the accessories in my loft bedroom (tired of orange and green). Since books and paper are my “final frontier,” there’ll be lots of posts as I slug my way through years of information stockpiling. And with tax time looming large, I’ll need to start that project soon (ugh!)

As I tackle my own resistance, run into challenges, or get side tracked, I’ll share my experience. I’ll also share my satisfaction as I clean up the messes and create streamlined systems that will help me live more simply.

My hope is that what you read will make you feel more clear and confident about cleaning out your own life—whether you tackle just one room, two rooms, or your whole house. I hope my journey will shed some light on challenges you have as well and inspire you to take action. Is your heart beating a little faster?

The bottom line is, let’s clean up our lives.
How long will it take? It will take as long as it takes. I’ve earmarked 90 days but if it takes longer, so be it. Are you in?

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Cheryl Miller is a wellness strategist, life coach, and Mayor of
Cheryl used to dread having company because it meant chucking all the clutter into her spare bedroom, into closets, and under the bed. She learned how to do this from her mother…and her grandmother. She got very tired of having messes behind closed doors and drawers. So every year or two she does a major spring cleaning. This year she’s sharing her private process in her 90-Day blog series: Whole House Detox. Cheryl hopes you’ll join her in this process: