If you’re a deliberate creator on any level, you know that your thoughts and emotions produce the results you experience in your life. Yes, you create it all. And often you co-create with the many people that surround you.

Consciously making choices in your business to use the Law of Attraction to help you do the “hard” work can be a very satisfying game.

1. Clarify what you want in your business
2. Line up your emotions and thoughts with the desire
3. Fully trust the process

It really is that simple. So why aren’t more business owners experiencing growth, enjoyment and massive profitability? It’s very challenging to believe that what you want can be handed over on a silver platter without working your tail off. There are many other reasons, and I’ve seen them all, but I want to address one in particular that most people aren’t aware they’re even doing.

The White Noise Phenomenon.

Often it’s easy to track down the belief that leads to a disappointing experience in your business.

Common ones are:

• I have to work hard and long to see results.
• Nobody is willing to pay what I’m worth.
• I don’t have enough experience.
• I need this to happen or I/it won’t be successful.
• I can’t find competent team members.
• I suck at this.

Or maybe you’re not strongly thinking any of these. Maybe there are many minor worries in the background that are like white noise. They’re there constantly chirping at you but they’re not big enough to make you stop and deal with them.

‘White noise is a combination of all of the different frequencies of sound. You can think of white noise as 20,000 tones all playing at the same time.’

It’s like a party in your head and everyone is worrying about different aspects of your life but you can’t hear it clearly and you begin to live with it. Like it’s a normal state of being.

That white noise is the exact reason you may be ill, broke and unhappy. All of those small little niggly thoughts can put a halt to your business mojo. They create their own vibration that kinks your hose of abundance. There is no flow as you move from task to task and it’s definitely the reason you can’t find the clients and team members you want.

There are a couple of ways to remedy the white noise. Untangle the web of thoughts one by one and consciously begin to shift them. They’re all just made up stories that you keep thinking over and over. Tackle them as they reveal themselves throughout the day. You don’t have to know where they came from, just work on shifting them. Little by little.

The other way to eliminate white noise is to simply focus on peace. Train yourself to be present to each moment and take nice deep belly breaths. Purposely relax your body from your forehead to your toes. I’m doing it right now as I type and it feels so good. It’s better than a vacation to a tropical island.

You may not believe that but if you’re caught up in white noise, you probably do it on vacation, too. You just switch to different worries. ‘We have to get to the plane on time. I hope the food is good. My husband’s driving makes me nuts. I should check my email. I want to pack in as many things as possible. I hope the kids are okay.’

When I notice that I’m experiencing white noise during my workday I usually push away from my desk and take a moment to center myself. Next, I ask myself what I want to experience for the rest of the day. I tap into my Inner Business Expert and see where it is most important for me to focus my attention. I don’t move back into action until I feel calm and the white noise has dissipated.

I recently got very sick. I had no idea what I was resisting in my life so intensely that would produce this illness. I asked my business partner, Eva Gregory, to channel for me so I could figure it out. Her spirit guides, Theos said the culprit was white noise. Ugh. Thinking back, they were right. I know I’ll be paying more attention to throwing a wet towel on that mumbo jumbo in the future.

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