Most owners remain loyal to white. The reason for this choice is easily explained: white manages to combine elegance and purity. In addition, a kitchen painted in white gives a feeling of lightness which lovers of the beautiful line love.

For a bright kitchen
If you are looking to optimize the natural light in the room, white is a good solution. If you choose more glossy surfaces (without overdoing it too much) you can bring light to your kitchen. From preparing meals to sharing moments with friends or family ... The kitchen is truly the centerpiece of your home. You must therefore feel good there and a bright kitchen will make you appreciate this space all the more.

By choosing white you can give any style to your kitchen. One of the most current is undoubtedly the Scandinavian style. The Scandinavian style combines minimalism and nature and therefore goes very well with white. Combine woody and vegetate touches with the purity of white for a serene and soothing atmosphere.

The modern style kitchen is often marked by a simple design. White is the perfect color to achieve this timeless look. In addition, white absorbs more light than darker colors and thus enlarges the spaces. It is also recommended for the smallest kitchens. Now, every time you enter the kitchen, your eyes will directly see the incredible display of blackness on white.

White cuisine does not necessarily mean emptiness and boredom. White is a pure and neutral color. But an all-white kitchen can quickly look like a soulless room if you don't give it character. To best customize a white kitchen, you have a multitude of options. This is the main advantage of white, it gives you free rein. Consider for example opting for beautiful cement tiles or putting a touch of color with elements such as the splash back or some equipment.

So that your kitchen is not too dazzling, play on contrasts. Too much shine can tire your eyes and the kitchen is a room where you spend a lot of time. To counterbalance this color black is a good option. Used correctly in small touches, the color does not dominate white and gives a harmonious balance to the whole. In general, the patterns and the reliefs are well highlighted by the white!

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