Charitable giving should be met with grass root levels of giving, ensuring that the deserving people get the help. It is therefore imperative that organizations should consider fighting the root cause of all problems effectively through group efforts.

Charity fundraising has been around forever. Everywhere you look nowadays folks are in need of help and aren’t afraid to ask you for it. We are even bombarded with fundraising commercials in our own homes, in a way lighting up the way to raise more for the people in need! Even more so today, with all of the social networking venues that help spread the word of the needy like wildfire. It really seems as if we’re being endlessly nagged for money. Of course if a cause is close to your heart, you’re more than willing to write that check to help. Or, maybe the state of the economy means people just require a personal connection or request from someone they know who has been afflicted with some tragedy. Or, maybe you just can’t choose how to contribute to them all. The Westmont Movement has it right. These Santa Barbara, California college students (and the faculty and alumni behind them) use donated funds in the best way possible; they want to help out the neediest of all, starting at the top of the list.

Maybe our world is simply in need of a giant avalanche of giving. Together, with the Westmont Movement, donors can truly make a difference with their reciprocity. These progressive Christian college students hope their movement will propel caring people around the world to support their cause so they, in turn, can impact lives or situations. Their goal, as a college Ministry, is to influence others of God’s grace, and have the ability to be an influence anywhere at any time and provide the needy the necessary means to live a fulfilling life. The Westmont Movement community also provides supporters with a blog so they can realize the impact they are making by donating to this cause.

This college in California is truly committed to providing a positive and supportive Christian environment for students to thrive. Those students involved in the Westmont Movement are happy to experiment in various ministry possibilities around the world, and truly engage their full potential in committing themselves to a lifetime of God, the church, and the world. These are the type of individuals we all wish we could be more like. When average people like us support selfless and thoughtful students like this, the opportunities to make an impact on the problems of today’s world are seemingly endless. We should get the ball rolling and start that avalanche.

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