If you’re thinking about undergoing a digital transformation through custom mobile app development, then you’re about to go an extremely important journey. However, before you embark on this journey, it’s necessary to focus on why you’re digitally transforming, as this can help you streamline your efforts and enable a seamless buy-in.

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Unconvinced about transforming digitally through custom mobile app development? Here are a few things that could encourage you:

Productivity will be increased by automated processes

Data and analytics can help you improve decision making

Artificial intelligence (AI) can reduce human errors, and can enable autonomous monitoring

Enhancing customer experience becomes possible

And so, if you’re convinced you to need to transform digitally, you will require to make sure you’ve got a few elements in place before doing so. These elements, or rather, an absence of them, could significantly impact your custom mobile app. Let’s take a further look at these elements.

1. The Platform

As technology is advancing every day, the need for digital platforms has begun to increase. Almost every custom mobile app development company is developing their very own digital platform. Because of this, you may find it challenging to pick the right platform for your custom mobile app. And so, you should know what kind of digital platforms are available.

What you look for in a platform when strategizing for digital transformation by means of custom mobile app development, is the ability of the platform to deliver some sort of value to all departments of your business, while reducing app development time and thus, costs.

2. Cloud Computing

There are two major kinds of cloud computing models - public cloud, and private cloud. One isn’t better than the other, though. Both have their various uses when it comes to custom mobile app development. For instance, sensitive data and information could be stored on a private cloud, while data that doesn’t necessarily have to be secure, can be stored on a public cloud. If you adopt cloud computing for your custom mobile app, you will have on-demand access to an extra capacity of computing, without having to invest in an additional IT infrastructure.

3. Artificial Intelligence

With artificial intelligence being all the rage these days, it only makes sense to include it in your custom mobile app. As startups everywhere have begun to use it, it’s important for you to adopt it too, so as to stay ahead of the competition in the market. Moreover, AI is not what it was a few years ago. Today, thanks to the advances in the accuracy of its algorithms, artificial intelligence has become much better and more useful.

4. Open Source Software

Although there is an aversion towards open source software (OSS) when it comes to custom mobile app development due to a number of myths and mistruths that are doing the rounds, an open source software can be extremely beneficial for your custom mobile app. This is because an open source software is a lot more flexible, and is also a much better way to improve your existing web applications, as it comes with a number of libraries that are available for things like machine learning and 3D modeling.

However, with cutting-edge technology platforms like HokuApps, the open source of the platform doesn’t come into the picture at all. As the platform is automated and features pre-configured modules and pre-connected tools, the platform creates apps at 10x speed, which are reliable and secure.

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