This story began when I flew from California to see a good friend that moved to Houston. He and I went out one night and all of a sudden, standing right in front of me, appeared the man of my dreams!

This guy was captivating and exceedingly attractive. About six weeks down the line, I left my good position, packed my personal belongings, and relocated to the man's home. Family and friends almost all advised me to follow my heart. I cannot believe that I deserted my job, family, and close friends behind in the pursuit of love! Love evolved into devastation!

Right after relocating, my new sweetheart became controlling and mentally and physically violent. I never in my personal life gone through this before and was indeed incredibly shocked! He definitely had major issues.

I promptly acquired a stable position and also was able to obtain my very own apartment, that i had to look for while in the office. I thought different places might help to make much of our uncomfortable relationship a lot better. Not a chance! When this man had been lonesome, or in a rage, he'd stock me at home and at work.

He used to become outraged, slap me, as well as throw and smash important things. He'd then cry, apologize, and let me know that nobody was ever going to adore me the way in which he would.

I wanted to leave the tumultuous relationship, but sensed my life was in imminent danger. I mentioned my boyfriend's repeated outbursts to my girlfriends and they all tried to help me, unfortunately I was too scared to leave.

He was in fact schizophrenic and in financial ruins. It really sucked! I was thinking he would change and that I could possibly help. Besides his nasty side, he was indeed amusing as well as smart. That is the element of him which I adored. For a couple of months it seemed the relationship seemed to be getting better, consequently I moved back in with him.

Things went downhill relatively rapidly. I experienced an emotional rollercoaster ride for five years and grew to become unhappy and discouraged. I could not eat, and shrunk down to a very small 108 lbs.

My friends became anxious because I appeared horribly emaciated. I shopped in the youngster's clothes section because even a women's size 1 had been too big!

I was so distressed that I contacted the domestic violence hotline and reached an experienced counselor, with whom I met privately. The lady discussed explosive personalities and the ongoing never-ending cycle of violence that includes the honeymoon stage, time-bomb, and explosion! Exactly how did she know this? It was like she had a window directly into my life.

One day, after years of truly being exceptionally hopeless, I decided to go for a extended walk along with a good friend. My friend experienced been in this position before. She informed me that my despairing man was by no means going to transform! We talked for a long time. It sunk in and I eventually had enough!

Later that day, I mustered up the bravery to start looking for a place to live. Within just days, I was living in a beautiful townhouse, roomie included.

That had been the beginning of my independence! I started socializing with pals and began to enjoy living once more.

A year down the road, I bought a new townhouse and we ultimately broke up. I began dating once again and thus met and married my amazing spouse.I currently enjoy a healthful and joyful lifestyle along with a normal, funny man. I cannot think about just what might have happened if I remained with my angry x-boyfriend waiting for him to change.

If perhaps you are going through domestic violence, please explain to the people closest to you. Get together with a domestic violence counselor as early as you can!

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