You can choose the wackiest of the wedding venues with the least cost. You are guaranteed of fun, fond memories, and most importantly, a wedding within a budget that allows you to save up to live your married days in comfort and happiness.

Folks today are getting creative with where they choose to say “I do.” They are tired of “cookie-cutter weddings and are striving to have a one-of-a-kind ceremony. In the past, the wackiest wedding venue was in a drive-through Chapel in Las Vegas. Today, that is practically traditional compared to what some couples are doing. If you’re planning a wedding and want to avoid a church and reception hall at all costs, go for something bizarre. You can keep it as simple as hiring an officiant to marry you in your friendly neighborhood fast food restaurant. You’d be saving tons of cash and time and still have memories to last a lifetime. And nothing says “romance” like sharing fries and a coke.

Perhaps the coolest wedding venue utilized of late, is the deep blue sea. Underwater weddings are actually in high demand in popular tropical locations like Florida, Hawaii or the Caribbean. While you gurgle your vows your guests can be waiting on the beach, ready to towel you off and hand you a glass of bubbly. And just think of how fun the pictures will be! Another wild wedding venue that has also become popular is an exact opposite to those crystal blue waters, the sky. Skydiving nuptials are definitely for the adventurous type and guests waiting on the ground will congratulate you on taking the plunge, literally. Another fun wedding venue where you “take the plunge” is aboard a roller coaster. Screaming, laughing, and throwing your hands in the air is a heart pumping way to marry the one you love. If you manage to convince your parents and guests to ride along with you, you’re in for some hilarious photos.

Couples wanting to save on the cost of a traditional wedding are also embracing the idea of a wacky wedding venue. Weddings can be extremely expensive if the bride is planning a fairytale style affair. Some people choose to elope to avoid this, but others make it fun. And you’re still considered husband and wife even if you don’t throw down a wad of cash for a hotel ballroom, wearing a dress you’ll only wear once and favors for a hundred guests you barely know. Modern couples love the idea of a memorable affair and are marrying in one wacky wedding location after another. Get creative and have fun, just try not to injure yourselves on your big day!

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