I am a positive thought author. My life is all about living life through positive thought but not only that, I have Fibromyalgia. Now you would never think that someone with this crazy chronic illness could ever be someone who all day long talks about how to be positive no matter what the situation. But it is what I do.

Many years ago I had symptoms of Fibromyalgia. (How about we call it FM for short…) I had what we thought were sprained ankles, toes, muscles, knees, arms, and hands almost every week when I was young. They would cast up my ankle 'just in case' and then I would have days when I literally couldn't get up because of the stiffness and my sore body. It was like having flu twenty-four hours a day, but a super duper massive flu that would never let up. Then the stomach problems began.

Day after day I took anything that would stop the chronic cramping and bloating. The doctors did everything they could to figure it out, but back then there was no name for FM. And not only that, I was always told it was hormonal or that I just must have strained something. Then, when I got into my twenties, the symptoms got worse. I only had to stand up and my ankle would go out from underneath me. I had chronic muscle spasms and an intense sensitivity to all senses; from temperatures, to the slightest touch. I finally became diagnosed after a battery of tests ruling out everything that FM could mimic.

And then the neurologist finally pegged it. “My dear, this is Fibromyalgia.” I was elated to have an answer only to learn that they could only treat the symptoms and not the condition. They just hadn't figured it out in the medical world yet. So here I had a diagnosis and some medication to help, but now what? How would I be able to live my life normally? Here I was writing books, lecturing, and knowing that if I pushed too hard it would put me into yet another Fibro Flare.

So what did I do? I listened. I began to listen to my body. I began to take cues from it. When I would wake up stiff and unable to move I would be gentle on my body, talking it through the steps. Once I would get going I would be able to loosen up a bit and feel somewhat okay. Then as the day progressed I listened to my body, knowing when it was about to have too much. I would step away from work and go rest for a little while. I would read or meditate, but I just listened to what my body was telling me. If I had a full day I would conserve my energy for any kind of big lecture or workshop. I only do gentle exercise. It's as if my body is telling me to ease up and enjoy the view. I have done just that.

It has made life easier. I have learned how to say no and when to ask for help, two things I wasn't too good at before, but my FM body taught me to listen to me first before making any kind of commitments. And then the positive thought. This is the thing that has helped me the most. Between all the medications, doctor appointments, and watching every move that my body makes, I found that being positive changed the 'feel' of the FM. When fibro flares, instead of getting frustrated I answer it will a deep breath and I relax. I list what I am happy about in my life. I don't ignore the FM but I only give it enough time to hear its voice before I pick back up. You see, you always have freedom within your mind. Even if you are dealing with Fibro Fog one day, you have another day coming where you will be as clear as clear can be. FM jumps around and one day you feel great the next day you are in chronic pain but you can always look forward to a new moment... always.

I began a whole new regimen comprised of gentle exercise, listening to my body, and thinking positive in everything I did. That positive state of mind changed me as a person and changed my look on FM.

FM has given me experiences that have bettered my life. Would I rather not have it? You bet. But if it has to be a little part of me then I decided to learn from it and about myself. So now you see.

I am a woman who is a positive thought author who happens to have the chronic condition of Fibromyalgia. But FM is not who I am; it is only a little piece of me. I am so many other things: a mom, a wife, a daughter, an author, a radio show host, a magazine publisher, and a positive thinker. All of those things are what matter to me.

You are not the chronic illness. You are a person who just happens to have Fibromyalgia and you are always much more than that.

Author's Bio: 

Beth McCain is an author on Happiness, the Law of Attraction, and Living in Positive Thought. She has had Fibromyalgia for most of her life, and only recently has the medical community recognized the devastating effect it has on the patients who live with this chronic and painful syndrome. Beth McCain is just one of the millions who live with Fibromyalgia every day of their lives, but who is determined to not allow it to affect the quality of her life. Please visit: http://www.thefibromyalgiabook.com for more information.