With the mounting pressure in every sphere of modern life, it is of no surprise that the same will be applicable in the field of education. The reputed grammar schools are in high demand as their methods of teaching and curriculum makes sure that the students have a bright future ahead of them. Therefore, it has become the dream of every student as well as their parents to crack the entrance exams of the top tanking grammar schools. Hence the entrance processes of grammar schools are not to be taken lightly as there are hundreds of students each year who try to get into the reputed grammar schools. Many parents today are time crunched to give their child the extra attention with their school work. They are either busy in pursuing their own career ambitions or too busy in maintaining the many demands of family and household. There are also many cases where both the parents are working where it becomes almost impossible for the parents to spare anytime to sit with the child and guide him or her academically. Also, the school curriculum and the subject dimensions have changed over the years and many parents find it difficult to grasp the subjects themselves let alone guide their child about the same.

In such a scenario, it is the best course of action to put your child in a reputed tuition center. In the recent times many such centers have flourished which can provide the required guidance to their student which helps in a big way when it comes to cracking the 11 plus entrance exams of the reputed grammar schools. They have dedicated teaching staffs who are masters in their respective subjects. The dedicated teachers make it sure that the students who are falling behind are given extra attention so that they can overcome their mental block or fear regarding the subject and becomes confident. For these purpose they take the help of innovative teaching methods which also include 11 plus mock practices. They prepare question papers that are similar to the past year’s question papers and the students are asked to solve those papers so that they become familiar with the types of questions that they might face in the exams which are a huge confidence booster that helps the students to be mentally prepared for the entrance exams.

There is a saying… “practice makes one perfect”! The same is applicable for 11 plus entrance exams. The more the students practice the more adept they will become in subjects like mathematics, science, history etc. Therefore the 11 plus mock practices are a perfect way to shape the students so that they can face any hurdle and come out with flying colors. The repeated revisions help them realize where they are making the mistakes. Therefore they can correct those points where they are making the mistakes. An integral part of the mock practices are answering the past papers. This can never be achieved at home, thus the contribution of the coaching centers cannot be undermined in any way. Creating a simulation of the exam conditions is the best possible way to make sure that the child does not lose his or her nerve in the exam hall. There is another way that this tuition centers help and that id by testing your kid's speed by testing him with mock papers. In case you are confused which coaching center is best for your child, you can ask around the parents of the students who have already cracked the grammar school entrance exams. They will be able to refer you to the right tuition center that will truly make your child exam ready and you can be rest assured that your money will be well spent.

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The author of this article is Ruth Jennings who runs a successful 11 plus tuition center. She stresses on 11 plus mock practice for the kids so that they remain prepared for all the hurdles and becomes exam ready in an effective way. There are different innovative methods that can be implemented in preparing a student about which she writes blogs and informative articles.