Information is power, in every situation for everyone at any point of time. In today’s world, there are circumstances where people have to work in high risk environment. In such scenarios, it is of utmost importance that the person who is working alone should have a way to communicate with his or her team members or the control room personnel. There are many instances where due to lack of such systems, people have lost their life. Like the incidence of a nurse who was stabbed to death by a psychopathic patient in a psychiatric unit, or a real estate agent who was never again found after she went alone to a house with the client to show the property which was up for sale. It is not always possible to dial a number on the cell phone when someone is faced with unexpected ad sudden danger.

It is possible to gather information beforehand about the place that you will be working at, of the place that you will be visiting, or the people you will be meeting but that is not a full proof solution to sudden accidents or unforeseen danger. In such situations, where you will be alone for a considerable time, you should have a system which will set off a panic alarm the moment you face any kind of dangerous situation. Best lone worker safety alarms are made to assist an individual who is in such a critical condition and has no other way to call for help. As a lone worker of home visitor this is a valuable device which will make you more confident and less stressed out.

For any organization, the workers are the backbone on which the entire organization stands tall. Hence it is of utmost importance to look after the safety and security of workers who are required to work alone, of those employees who have to travel to lonely areas for work. A GPS duress alarm system can act as the best lone safety worker which ensures better security and makes work a stress free affair, driving away the fear of insecurity and danger. The risk management process that is applicable is such situations should have the following features like identifying y any anticipated peril like hazardous toxic chemicals, machinery, manual tasks involved In the job etc. It is also sensible to find out the risk that can happen in a particular job and taking measures to minimize the risk factors, also to assess the kind of accident that might happen in a certain job scenario, and what kind of injury or harm can befall the employee who is engaged in the task.

Therefore, those employees or community workers who are forced to face situations where they are alone and may be in an out of signal cell tower location, best lone safety worker alarm comes as a lifesaver. While driving or visiting a client home, nobody is sure what kind of situation one might face. Workers who have to operate in remote and dangerous areas often work in complete isolation, sometimes in a hostile environment.

He or she is at that point is away from contact or access to fast and speedy emergency support from other employees or in case of sudden illness, injury, or any mortal problem away from emergency services. He or she is not in touch or under the direct control of the employer. In such situations if there is a small wireless device which can send off manual or automatic signals of duress to the nearest base of the concerned organization, then it can prove to be life saving.

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The author of this article, Jeo Nash is a heath care worker and works alone frequently and at odd hours. The best lone safety worker alarm is a device that gives her the confidence and peace of mind to carry out her duties effectively.