Soft massage therapy is a manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the body such as tendons, muscles, ligaments, and other tissues. It has been practiced for many years as an effective form to treat various body aches and discomforts. There are various advantages of massage therapy. Chiropractic uses massage therapy in treating various physical and physiological pains. Chiropractic is an alternative form of medical treatment without using pharmaceutical drugs and surgical procedures in treating patients suffering from various physical discomforts and disorders.

One of the many advantages of soft massage therapy is muscle relaxation. Muscles tension and stress is relieved through massage. Many people are experiencing muscle spasms and involuntary contractions. Pain may also be associated with twisted muscle fibers. Massage enables to disentangle knotted muscle fibers.

Another advantage of massage therapy is it increases blood circulation. Blood carries oxygen needed by each tissue, organ and other parts of the body. Oxygen enables the body to function properly. Furthermore, blood carries necessary nutrients and minerals needed by body cells. These minerals and nutrients provide energy to the body as well as necessary for healing process.

Soft massage therapy also improves range of motion, mobility, and flexibility of the body. It relieves a person from experiencing pain. Pain makes an individual incapable of performing activities of daily living. If a person is suffering from physical pain, his tendency is to move his extremities in a restricted motion. Massage allows the tissues, muscle, tendons, ligaments and bones to stretch to its optimum level.

Massage also decreases blood pressure and helps the body to excrete waste materials. It decreases blood pressure by allowing the blood vessels to dilate, thereby decreasing the pressure of the blood to and from the heart. It improves the function of the kidneys to excrete toxic wastes materials from the body by augmenting blood dilation and blood flow.

Additionally, massage helps people to recover from tissue, muscle, and bone injuries brought about by sports and physical activities. As mentioned earlier, massage increases blood flow, in this manner, healing is more rapid. Massage also helps a person who has difficulty sleeping. It is thought to have sedative effects on the nervous system allowing the person to sleep and rest. Sleep is necessary to allow each part of the body to rest and regain its energy as well as to allow the brain to store new information and memory.

Chiropractors use soft massage therapy prior to and after each spinal manipulation. Spinal manipulation is the application of gentle and mild pressures on the spinal column where there is deformity or misalignment. Massage enables the muscles to relax to allow spinal manipulation. Realignment of the deformed spine is achieved through successive sessions with chiropractors. The muscles are stiff and twisted that pulls the spine to cause deformity. Therefore, massage s provided to help the muscles to relax and stop it from pulling the vertebrae.

Soft massage therapy is essential to augment, improve, and restore body functions and to relieve physical and physiological pain. Chiropractic care utilizes massage therapy for their patients to reestablish and maintain physiological, mental, and physical wellness.

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