Frustration? Valuable?!? Yuck!!!

Well, it’s true. Frustration serves a purpose, especially for those on a spiritual path. Frustration forces us to stop and reevaluate. You feel wound up tighter than a spring and like you can’t do anything. When you actually do something, it just doesn’t seem to turn out the way you wanted. You just want to scream, or give up altogether. So take a break!

This is the time to just slow down. Use this time of frustration as an opportunity instead of reacting to it or trying to control it. Know that it will pass – you’ve been frustrated before and it passed, didn’t it? Have faith. Remember how you got through it before and what progress you made, what outcome you created. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, change it. Get some rest and try a new perspective.

The process of raising one’s consciousness is uncomfortable. Be strong enough to withstand the discomfort and learn from it. Remember, it is a process. Continue to learn. It will occur again. Remember the last time. More than likely, there was something you needed to learn, but you were just too frustrated to realize it. Relax. Let the learning come to you. Frustration says, “stop and rest.” Reacting to the frustration just makes the process take longer. Relax and ask the universe what it wants to teach you. It’s likely something right in front of your face.

Then when you do experience the realization currently in front of your face, smile. Don’t kick yourself for not realizing it sooner. This is the time to nurture yourself, not chastise yourself for being slow. You moved on, didn’t you? Congratulate yourself for your progress, and note it. That way, the next time you become frustrated, you’ll have a reference.

Allow yourself to vent during frustrating times. Oftentimes we don’t allow ourselves to really vent, or the people around us aren’t comfortable with our venting. Find an appropriate outlet, whether it is listening to music, singing, whistling, screaming into a pillow, screaming in a martial arts class, blowing bubbles, or whatever works for you, and DO IT.

Find a healthy new venting mechanism for yourself. That’s another way in which frustration can be valuable – you get to know what kinds of activities help you blow off steam. Prepared with that crucial knowledge, you no longer have to stew and brew inside; you’re much less likely to develop ulcers or other stress-related ailments.

Frustration teaches us how to vent, how to relax and how to move on – when we allow it. If resisting isn’t helping, try this approach.

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Miracles and Blessings,

T. Renee Richardson, D.D.

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