With today’s heavy reliance on processed foods and manufactured drugs, it’s nice to know that there are natural alternatives for your increased health and well-being. There are several different supplements available that are derived from the power-packed algae of the sea. Although the different algae actually come from multiple salt water or fresh water sources, the common and powerful benefits bring the different types of algae together.

Seaweed and the algae grown in the world’s water sources come packed with natural nutritional ingredients. Some of the claims concerning spirulina, chlorella, kelp and other blue green or red algae include high amounts of protein, super food qualities, and minerals that all human bodies benefit from. Because these products are not regulated or endorsed by the FDA, it can be hard to be sure that you are getting your supplements from a trustable source.

But this will be a very important part of your purchase. The side effects of spirulina, that has been contaminated with microcystins can lead to dangerous liver damage. With a lot of vitamin K and amounts of the amino acid phenylalanine, some people will need to carefully monitor their intake of these blue green algae, specifically anyone in the middle of anticoagulant treatments or individuals with the genetic disorder named phenylketonuria. This disorder prevents the person’s body from processing the amino acids, resulting in a dangerous build up in the brain.

After considering the potential side effects of the algae, feel free to delve into the possible benefits. Some sources and major world organizations consider algae and spirulina specifically, to be one of the most important tools in the battle against child malnutrition worldwide. Other potential benefits of blue green algae and other algae include relief from allergies and from arthritis. There may even be natural exercise enhancement qualities.
While most studies have disproved any beneficial ties to weight loss, other studies are researching the benefits of using spirulina as a tool against the progression of HIV, age-related memory loss, and heart damage suffered after chemotherapy. This alga is also being studied for the possible use in the recovery of strokes and some types of diabetes and sclerosis. These powerful benefits place algae-derived supplements in the forefront of nutritional advancements.

Once you have verified the source of your supplements, enjoy the healthful advantages to improving your diet and reducing the amount of unnatural ingredients that you are exposed to in your diet with the use of spirulina and other algae supplements. Using supplements as a prevention tool to help you ensure a long and full life of well-being and active participation in the things you enjoy is a great first step to a more natural lifestyle.

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Peter Morgan is a health writer for Hawthorn Health on topics about Health foods.