Home maintenance is beyond the remodelling actions we all take in order to feel more comfortable, relaxed and offer an accentuated home-like feeling to our properties. Of, course, all the above are truly necessary for increased levels of comfort, but the list of necessary actions we should consider is slightly longer. For instance, none of us is truly considering asbestos when deciding to insulate different parts of our home. However, recent developments in the filled resulted in more friendly materials from this point of view. On the other hand, older houses or those insulated quite a while ago still have this compound naturally occurring in the insulating process. Nevertheless, few of us truly take into consideration mould removal services when deciding to upgrade our properties. Still, they are necessary, mould being the element guilty of many of the respiratory issues and allergies appearing on a yearly basis. Air testing services are oftentimes necessary in order to identify mould infestation. A recent survey showed that in certain areas the indoor air is more polluted than the outdoors one, which, of course, is concerning news. We might be unknowingly exposing ourselves to health hazards and do nothing about it. However, with a little guidance and the valuable help of companies such as matrixremediation.com we might be able to eliminate them and follow a healthier lifestyle. Below are some of the unknown health hazards hidden in houses around the globe and some solutions to those. Follow closely for more information.

1. Mould exposure – Dangers and solutions

Also known under the scientific name of fungi, mould, is one of the most present elements in houses around the world. The unappealing patches it causes come in different colours, depending on the type of mould you are dealing with. And without exception, each of them is a life-threatening species. The most dangerous of them all is black mould, being responsible for a series of pulmonary diseases, as well as severe allergies. In order to get rid of the prospect of exposing your family to such health-damaging elements, you must periodically hire the services of a mould inspection and removal company. Of course, you must pay attention to the removal techniques used by the company. Look for eco-friendly, chemical free or biocide free removal techniques. Also, the teams should have plenty of experience in the field, and they should take all the necessary steps for assuring efficient processes and visible results. No matter if you are certain or not regarding a potential mould situation, you should still have your home inspected, and wait for a viable solution for your particular situation. Have in mind that if you work with companies that are mindful with the substances used you will most likely assure a healthier environment for your entire family, including the sensitive categories, such as children and pets.

2. Asbestos exposure – Health implications and solutions

Asbestos is a mineral compound that naturally occurs in the environment. This compound is resilient to a series of elements, such as fire, thus heat, as well as chemicals. Because of the previously enumerated reasons, asbestos has become used on large scale in various industries. However, regardless of the amazing properties it has, recent studies have found that it is a true health hazard. Inhaled, asbestos fibres will cause plenty of health issues because they will remain trapped inside the individual’s lungs. Causing scarring and inflammation in the lung tissue, in time, they will develop in a series of cancer types. Lung cancer is the most common health issue caused by it, and also a degenerative affection characterised by the inflammation of thin membranes. Gastrointestinal issues are also a result of asbestos exposure, as well as kidney cancer, and oesophagus. Now that you are aware regarding the hazardous effects of asbestos exposure, maybe you should consider finding a professional company able to successfully eliminate and remediate this issue. Being a compound hard to deal with, it is necessary to find an experienced collaborator. No matter if you are certain or not regarding your asbestos situation, you might want to consider a consultation and identify it. Only make sure that the company you pick is an experienced one in dealing with similar issues.

These are two of the most common health hazards many of us choose to ignore. However, given the implications these have, you might want to make periodic appointments with a company specialised in identifying them and finding solutions.

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