That which causes your voice to sound hoarse or creates a chronic sore throat is called vocal abuse. While it is common for pop singers, it also happens to many people because of speaking and/or yelling for great lengths of time. Unfortunately, vocal abuse will not go away on its own if you continue with the same techniques that have caused the problem to begin with.

What this means is that if you are a teacher, trainer, coach, public speaker, politician, or minister, for instance, and you continue doing what you have been doing in the past, the vocal abuse will not and cannot go away until you change the way you use your voice.

99% of the population use their throat, voice box, mouth and/or nasal cavities to power and amplify the speaking voice. (Many popular singers do as well.) The fact is that you have another cavity in your body which, if used properly, will not only greatly improve the quality of your speaking voice but will also put an immediate end to your vocal abuse. The cavity I am referring to is your chest.

By learning to power your voice from the largest of your 5 resonating cavities, you will discover a deeper, resonant voice which will sound more mature, have the ability to be projected (which means you can stop shouting or yelling), and continue to improve with age. I call it your real voice.

When you use your chest as your primary sounding board, your vocal abuse will be no more because you have taken the strain, the stress, the wear and tear away from your throat. Simply put, instead of using your throat to do most of the work to power your sound, your chest will become your primary amplifier. The result is immediate relief to your vocal folds, throat and voice box.

Speaking correctly by means of your chest cavity is the only way to end vocal abuse. In doing so you will also discover not only more voice by the end of the day but more energy as well. Vocal abuse is exhausting because you are pushing your voice hard from your throat. Using your chest to power your sound, on the other hand, is physically easier on your body, more pleasant for your listeners’ ears, and has staying power.

If you have been to an ear, nose and throat specialist and have been given a clean bill of health, then your vocal abuse is problem. Become a chest talker and hoarseness, sore throats or even loss of voice will be no more.

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