Has your experience of using the Law of Attraction felt challenging or impossible? Maybe one particularly important truth hasn’t been clearly understood.

When you first learned about Law of Attraction, perhaps you felt excited about what this could mean for you, and you just had to know more. Then the bloom kind of left the rose when you learned that you’re already using it, because it’s a law of the Universe, like gravity is a law on our planet.

Perhaps your original hope was that you’d learn tools or tricks; in other words, you’d learn how to easily use this Law to easily change your life. Perhaps you didn’t expect that to use the Law deliberately in your favor, you’d have to change, as well; and that was uncomfortable for you. It may have felt uncomfortable to learn that if you observed your experiences and linked them to your feeling-based thoughts, past or present, and your thoughts to specific and even seemingly unrelated events, you’d see how you use Law of Attraction all the time, how you affect your experiences all the time.

Maybe you felt or feel about this as you do a car: you just want to drive it, not understand the mechanics of how and why it works. In some respects about this, you are completely right: you can know how it works or not—it will still work, but you BELIEVE a car will work… as long as everything required is in place. Everything IS in place regarding Law of Attraction, except, perhaps, your willingness to adjust in ways that make it work in your favor.

Earl Nightengale said, “You become (and get) what you think about most of the time.” Ernest Holmes wrote, “If man takes his images of thought only from his previous experiences, then he continues in the bondage which those previous experiences create. If we talk about discord, we shall become more discordant…. People who spend all their time talking about their unhappiness become more unhappy.” What do you think about, or how do your feeling-based thoughts run… most of the time?

It may seem too simplistic that how we use our thoughts and feelings—most especially how we feel—has this much bearing on our results and experiences, but they do. It’s a vital part of the Law, like gravity. However, large jets can fly. They defy gravity through the law of lift. You can defy the gravity of how you feel by choosing to lift how you feel, to feel even just a little better, until you can connect with or allow yourself to feel good or really good. This is so important for you to get, because like always attracts like. Always.

Let’s say there’s something you want. You can’t desire something AND doubt it can or will be yours. You also cannot focus on its absence, because… like always attracts like.

One LOA approach would be to complain to others and think, most of the time, about how and why what you want isn’t happening. This is the vibrational frequency you transmit and that gets matched. As it continues to not happen, your feeling-based thoughts increase in intensity and frequency. You dwell on this as though obsessed. Your wanting something but not allowing it, which is what this approach does, gets matched to the vibration of not allowing, and what you want stays just out of your reach.

The other approach would be to hold feelings of appreciation for what you have now and how good you’ll feel when you get what you desire, but feeling as much of that right now as you can, and expanding this feeling. You hold the thought, “I don’t know when or how it’ll happen; I only know it or something even better will.” Every day and often during the day, you hold this thought and the good or even-better feeling. The vibrational energy of that feeling is transmitted by you, picked up by the creative field and others, and gets matched, which pulls an experience to you… that matches the desired FEELING you’ve transmitted. This is why sometimes results are even better than you asked for.

Abraham-Hicks said, “…come to understand [that] to the degree you feel blessed and expect good things to flow to you, this indicates the level of your state of allowing; and to the degree that you do not feel blessed, where you do not expect good things to come to you, this indicates your degree of resistance.” Blessed, here, means you understand that nothing in your favor is ever withheld from you unless you hold it back from coming to you.

This is important: Your desire and your belief that you will receive your desire must match vibrationally. If your belief is lower, you need to look at this and ask what might have to happen to have them be equal. Maybe you need to work towards your desire in steps or stages because you find that your belief about accomplishing or receiving the first step or stage is more aligned than focusing on the end result. So, either adjust your desire or adjust your belief, initially, and look for what it takes within you to increase your belief. But, they must match.

In the second LOA approach described above, there’s a clear desire based on how you wish or choose to feel (really good, and always, ultimately what you really want anyway); belief it will happen (you have no doubt nor are you focused on the present, temporary absence of what you want); you aren’t struggling with how it will happen or contriving ways to make it happen; and you aren’t concerned about when it will happen. This puts the how and the when in the hands of the Universe, where it is anyway. What the Universe wants to feel from you is your Why. Why do you want what you say you do? You could travel through layers and layers of whys, but the final one is always about how you want to feel. Law of Attraction is clear: feel as much of that feeling as you can right now. If and when action is required on your part, you’ll know; and you’ll feel good or aligned about taking it.

Making these changes in yourself and your approach doesn’t have to be hard work. But, how easy is it for you right now to use your thoughts and feelings as described in the second LOA approach? Any time you learn a new skill, it takes consistent practice—practice doing it the right way—for it to become second nature for you. You can’t cross the finish line without first running the race, so to speak. You can’t be a master at this unless you first learn what this requires of you and put it into consistent practice.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you are a transmitter of your own vibrations, as well as a receiver. Every single one of your 10,000-a-day thoughts is a vibration received by the creative field and others, and gets matched in some way and in some measure. Your predominant attitude is your dominant vibration. Like attracts like; always. If you criticize or worry, you get more reasons to be critical or worried sent your way. If you appreciate, especially deeply, and especially if you relax your energy and release attachments to how and when—while allowing that if what you want is in your highest good, it’s yours and will show up on time—you get more to appreciate sent to you. It’s the Law; and it’s always at work in your life.

It’s, likely, not the truth of the Law that’s uncomfortable, but the truth of what you need to change within that is… not that others have to change, not that the economy has to change… but how your use of your own thoughts and feelings as integral creative contributors to your experiences have to change—that is, have to align with the feeling you want. Give it time and consistent practice. You will improve. And, you’ll be learning even more, for as long as you live. Law of Attraction is not a tool; it’s a way of life.

Practice makes progress.
© Joyce Shafer

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