Feed your body with multivitamins. Isn’t that something every doctor has always told us? But guess what, our skin needs as many vitamins as our body.

Vitamin C is one of the best when it comes to enhancing the skin. With Numerous benefits and countless uses, Vitamin C has made its way to many skincare products and now to several skincare routines.

To keep your skin from looking older day by day as you age, one needs to provide essential vitamins and minerals that it screams for but may have been ignored.

Our skin loses moisture on an everyday basis, be it heat, pollution, or the sun. And that leads to dull-looking, barren skin which lacks hydration. With that, the signs of early ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines as well as dark spots and pigmentation also become prominent.

Not many of us know that Vitamin C when induced every day into the body, leaves our skin smooth and clear. It works like magic to remove the dark circles or at least lessen their appearance.

Let’s dig deeper into the reasons why Vitamin C stands so important for our daily health.

● Vitamin C tends to remove or neutralize free-living radicals on the body.

● It enhances the barrier lipids that help in locking the moisture inside the body and limits water loss from the body.

● It minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or rather prevents all signs of ageing.

● Brightens the skin and gives it a lighter radiance.

● Removes dead skin cells and regenerates cell production.

● Boosts collagen.

● Reduces the number of dark spots on the face.

Now that we know the number of advantages of adding Vitamin C in our skincare routine, let’s find out some products that are handy and very addictive in everyday usage:

1. Greenberry Organics Bio Active Tan Removing Exfoliating Scrub with Shea Butter, Vitamin C and E


A 100% Natural skin scrub remedy to exfoliate the dead skin and get rid of tan quickly. Can be used daily to exfoliate the skin gently. Made with 100% Natural ingredients and causes no allergies at all.

2. Mamaearth Vitamin C Sleeping Mask with Aloe Vera for Skin Illumination


Mamaearth Vitamin C Sleeping Mask is an overnight restorative gel-cream sleeping mask that replenishes lost radiance and reduces signs of ageing, as it works throughout the night. With this sleeping mask by your side, you will wake up with more radiant and hydrated skin.

3. Vaunt Multi-Vitamin Super Hydrator


With a super boost of hydration and protection provided by Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, and Antioxidants like Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A this formula is a perfect blend of ingredients that repairs and nourishes and helps with daily maintenance.

4. Auli Vera, Miracle Jelly with Aloe Vera Gel and Vitamin E


The richest gel mask/moisturizer, that has been formulated to give you all the required tightening, brightening, and hydrating that your skin needs. Packed with some unique ingredients and extracts

5. Votre Night Infusion, Multi-Vitamin and Rejuvenating Night Crème


A retro-style moisturizer that rescues dry, dull skin while slowly delivering a steady dose of barrier moisture throughout the day and night. This luxury, moisture-rich night crème is clinically proven to help increase cell renewal in your skin and assist the skin’s natural regeneration process & delay premature ageing.

6. Dot & Key Glow Revealing Vitamin C Serum Concentrate


Supercharged with antioxidants and vitamin C from superfruits like Kakadu plum and acerola cherry, Dot & Key's Glow Revealing Vitamin C Serum Concentrate aims to both prevent and correct the damage caused by these skin stressors.

7. BareAir Night Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Mulberry Extract


Restore your skin all through the night as you recover for the next day with this nutritive night serum that helps minimize the appearance of Dark Spots and other signs of Ageing. Made from a special combination of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C.

8. Neemli Naturals Hyaluronic and Vitamin C Serum


Hyaluronic & Vitamin C Serum is a light and non-greasy age-defying serum. It plumps skin by retaining moisture with the use of hyaluronic acid which is naturally occurring in our bodies. Vitamin C restores healthy glow and radiance, brightening skin tone.

9. Auli Lifestyle The Power of C Serum, The Ultimate AM to PM Serum


It protects your skin from sun damage, especially from the harmful UVA & UVB rays. In addition to its Anti-Ageing benefits, Vitamin C is also an anti-oxidant; so it naturally helps to strengthen your skin and repel things that could damage it. It also has a brightening and hydrating effect.

10. The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Face Wash with Vitamins and Hyaluronic Acid


Our Natural Vita Rich Face Wash enriched with Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5 & Vitamin C gently cleanses the skin leaving it soft, glowing & hydrated without stripping it or causing irritation.

11. Dot & Key Glow C Sleep Mask, Vitamin C Overnight Radiance Recovery


Activate your hibernation mode and get ready to channel your inner sleeping beauty. Enriched with Vitamin C, Dot & Key’s Glow-C Sleeping Mask will do the hard work for you, while you sleep.

12. BareAir Brightening Face Pack with Kaolin Clay & Vitamin C


This formulation is perfect when your skin needs some pollution active agents, an overall brightening, and a Tan reversal. Kaolin Clay and Vitamin C help repair your skin leaving you with a soft and illuminated complexion.

13. Earth Rhythm Ferulic Acid, Mutivitamin Age Defense Serum


Concentrated with Antioxidants + Anti-Aging ingredients. The face serum helps visibly diminish the signs of Ageing from every angle—all with a luxe feel.

14. Juicy Chemistry Organic Facial Oil for Anti-Ageing with Kakadu Plum, Pomegranate and Vitamin C


Our serums are concentrated oils that work their magic by penetrating deep into the skin. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and omega-3 & 6 fatty acids our serums work by instantly repairing and rejuvenating the skin to give it a healthy boost.

15. Dot & Key Glow Reviving Vitamin C Pink Clay Mask


Lovingly made with French pink clay and vitamin C rich kakadu plum, it gently deep cleans and calms skin for a powerful boost of radiance. Pores appear to vanish.

16. Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream with Mulberry Extract and Vitamin C


Mamaearth’s Bye Bye Blemishes cream is an effective cream enriched with Mulberry Extract, Organic Daisy Flower Extract, and Vitamin C. Its unique and natural extract prevents melanin synthesis to give you soft and glowing skin.

17. Dr. Sheth's Moringa & Vitamin C Cleansing Oil with Vitamin E and Passionfruit Oil


Pollution is a huge source of Pigmentation for Indian skin and can result in clogged pores. Our Moringa and Vitamin C Cleansing Oil is a Coconut Oil-based cleanser that helps to break down impurities and give your skin a deep cleanse.

18. Qurez Activated Charcoal Scrub Mask with Tea Tree, Vitamin C & E


The Activated Charcoal Scrub Mask from Qurez can be used for multi-purposes which is - as a scrub, cleanser and the face mask. Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin C and Vitamin E along with the clay are the key ingredients. Our product is carefully formulated to remove the toxins, dead skin, pollutants off your face, to treat the Acne and other infections, to refine the pores and also to lighten the scars. As a result, it will bring an instant glow on your face.

19. Natural Vibes Ayurvedic Brightening Face Wash with Vitamin C


Natural Vibes® Vitamin C Brightening Face Wash is an ayurvedic proprietary blend enriched with the goodness of Peach, Narangi Orange, Lemon Peel, Papaya, Amla, Honey, Turmeric, Neem, Jethimadh, and Manjistha.

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