For a writer, a blog that doesn’t get readers’ attention and just fades in the online world is certainly a sad story. To get out of this upsetting phase and ensure that your blog creates a positive commotion, you must understand first that a blog is not just penning down 500 words of content that your manager or client wants, but a lot more than that. If you are working as a content writer and want to enhance your ability to write a quality blog post, you are fortunately at the right place today. We have jotted down the top tips to write a blog post that the industry experts swear by and they might help you in your journey towards becoming a successful and sought-after writer. Here they are:

1. Ask yourself – why am I writing this?
Just reading the topic and starting to write on it without knowing any backstory is typically laying the wrong foundation for a tall building; it’s bound to fall. Always start a blog by asking yourself why you are writing this and for whom as having a good idea about the purpose and target audience for a blog is very important to begin with. Writing for different platforms, purposes and readers requires adopting different approaches, word length and tone. So, be clear before you get your fingers clicking on the keyboard.

2. Always write what you’re sure of
Not every writer is carved for every domain. Even if you write really well but don’t have a technical or medical history, you will not be able to do complete justice with blogs pertaining to those industries. Now if you have insight for a particular industry and you know your target audience, the chances of content coming out nice, increase subsequently. But yes, if you have a keen interest to excel in a new industry, you can explore more and follow the works of some trusted authors to develop an insight into that very domain and it can work for you.

3. Research on the topic well
One of the most important part to learn how to write a quality blog post is to research on the topic thoroughly. There must not be even one sentence that you cannot support with enough evidence. Including information like charts, studies and statistics to back up your topic further accentuates your content’s appeal. Reference links and citations also play a great role in making your blog look more genuine. So, always remember to add only reliable information and do not deviate from the topic as it can make the readers lose interest in your blog instantly.

4. Adopt a fresh and unique approach
Almost every topic you’ll be required to write on, has been, is being or will be worked upon by other writers as well. Amid the other expert tips to write a blog post, not following the herd is probably one of the most important ones. Researching online and referring to the content there is one thing but just writing the same thoughts in a slightly different language is not what you should focus on. For being able to deliver optimum quality blog posts that stand out, you must learn the art of forming your own opinion.

5. Focus on content presentation and density
Meeting the desired content length is undoubtedly an important part, but a good content writer must always pay more attention to his content’s density and presentation. Some writers wrongly believe that over-exceeding the word limit will enhance the value of their blog but on the contrary, it makes your blog less readable. Also to keep the readers on their toes, adequate focus needs to be paid to presenting the content in an attractive manner, like with impressive headings or bullet points, wherever required.

It is strongly believed that once you get a good grip on the above-mentioned tips, not only the quality of your blog posts will increase, but you will also be able to help your clients in enhancing their brand image, thereby always keeping yourself up on the business game. As business owners are more comfortable to hire content writers online today, you can even consider working as a remote employee for them and acquire multiple projects to earn the dream salary you always wanted.

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John Tie is working as a Digital Marketer and content strategist with Virtual Employee, virtual staffing company, offering affordable and scalable remote staffing solutions for mainly Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) around the world in over 150 domains. He is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column.